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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

NSA Hearing Archive

[ For your convenience, there is an NSA Hearing Archive; Click here to read other content in the NSA Hearing Archive.]

This is the archive of the information related to the NSA Hearing.

This is designed to organize the blog spots into a single location.


Added: 27 Mar 2006, 11:11P EST Important diagrams showing phone company traffic to NSA prior to Sept 2001, and problems with DoJ story over NSA illegal activirty [ Click ]


NARUS STA 6400 [Click ]


UCMJ does not permit the NSA programs: They are illegal [ Click ]

Caselaw showing AUMF and Able Danger are illegal and unconstitutional. Click

71 U.S. 2, discussion: Click

House Judiciary Food Sales

Condiments, with that whine?Click

Topical Collections

What bloggers can do to outmanuever the MSM on the NSA issue. [ Click ]

Gathering Storm

Guide to examining President and SECDEF violatins in unlawful NSA programs. [ Click ]

Violations of DoD Statutes [ Click ]

White House and DoJ deceptions over FISA warrant activites. [ Click ]

No excuse not to review the unlafwul NSA conduct. [ Click ]
Congress not briefed [ Click ]

Where should Bush stand? Click

Republicans: Which side of the Rebellion are you on? Click

Practice your analysis skills. [ Click ]


Congressional Code of Conduct to check the Executive Click

Create for Congress an NSA-like monitoring system that is beamed directly at the Executive branch, and randomly samples data, compares it to official data provided to Congress and identifies patterns indicating violation of the law. Click: Kw="NSA-like"]

Benefits of an NSA-like system for Congress: Monitor what the Executive is doing. [ Click ]

Recalibrating the Federal Government [ Click ]

Constitutional convention [ Click ]

State Proclamations: Blog Swarm to force Congress to vote up or down on impeachment; gives voters 9 months to digest facts, choose leaders who assert their oaths of office.

The voters see: The State Proclamations will force the Congress to show its hand on where it stands on rebellion; and the voters will have a say in whether the Congressional leadership remains in office. The way forward is to lawfully remove this President; or first lawfully remove the Congress that assents to his unlawful rebellion against the Constitution. The voters have nine months to evaluate whether the leadership puts their oath before rebellion. [ Click ]

What to do about the Presidential Rebellion and the Senate consent.

Addressing port inspections and refocusing on the unlawful NSA programs -- impeachable offenses. [ Click ]

Checks and balance problems: The solution needs to focus on results.

Signs of problems and cursory Congressional "review"

Investigations: House Intelligence Cmte Chairman inconsistent [ click ]

Comments about Able Danger that apply to the NSA acitivites. [ Click ]

Filibusters: Unsheathed sword to Presidential rebellions -- why aren't they used -- the basis to have a Congressional Code of Conduct to protect the Constitution [ Click ]

Lessons of Iraq, Guantanamo, and Katrina. [Click ]

Fact checking Congress: What they assented to for years, but refused to resign [ Click ]

Fifty one [51] non-sense questions from Sensenbrenner to Gonzalez [ Click ]

Intelligence committee members have a selective memory problem: What really happened. [ Click ]

NSA and DoJ provides non-sense technical information to Congress, distracting attention from the problems inside NSA: Failure to provide clear guidance consistent with FISA; and failing to ensure the technology was conssitent with FISA. [ Click ]

There is a recurring pattern: The lessons of Katrina, Abu Ghraib, and Guantanamo applied to the NSA: [ Click ]

The many excuses not to look at the NSA are frivolous. [ Click ]


NSA hearing review: Observations from the Gonzalez hearing on 6 Feb 2006; [ Click ]

House Judiciary Committee sends non-sense questions to White House, indicating they have no plan to ask serious questions, and plan to delay investigation and fact finding until after 2006 election. [Click ]

GCHQ intercepts confirm President failed to use NSA transmission capabilities to ensure personnel acted on pre 9-11 warnings; or followed laws of wars. [ Click ]

Summary of Gonzalez Hearing Revelations [ Click ]

Time's Pre-hearing release on Gonzalez: [Click ]


State impeachment proclamations: Voters have nine [9] months to observe state and federal government failure to preserve Constitution or honor oaths to subdue this unlawful rebellion. Click

06 Feb 2006 hearing announcement: Voters guide to NSA hearings -- questions to discuss with your state legislators, and a handy checklist to see if your leaders are honoring their oath to Article IV Section 4 [protecting the Constitution]

Voters see the President is in rebellion against the Constitution [Click ]

Senate needs to oversee the process to end the rebellion and lawfully remove the President from office. Click

The Problem

The President's spreading rebellion against the Constitution.

NSA failed checks and balances: Case study -- Powell and the NSA data used in Iraq. Why Powell had the experience to ask questions and find other views. Why didn't he do it? He chose to believe in non-sense. Now he wants you to bleive in more non-sense.

NSA unlawfully Spying on Americans [Click]

NSA did not lawfully brief Congress, contrary to what the President told us.

NSA unlawful monitoring before 9-11: President undermined again.

HUMINT: DoD uses the media to spy on Americans. Here's an example of what DoD missed.

One reason the NSA contractors violated the law: following the money.

Scope of the NSA activity is understated: How is the intercept information used to draft media talking points for domestic propaganda?

White House Media Litigation Strategy

White House and RNC linked to "independent polls" on NSA [ Click ]

Undermine the prosecutor, say they are uncontrollable [ Click ]

Distacting attention from the NSA issues, and mobilizing the public to focuse on non-NSA misconduct. [ Click ]

White House litigation-media strategy: Bait the masses to chase gold into the shark infested ocean; get the Senate to roll their eyes.

Summary of the failed White House defenses -- no defense is credible. They cherry pick from the case law, and they keep changing their reasons -- just like Iraq.

White House relies on illegal DoD guidance as a defense against unlawful NSA program.

Excuses to ignore statements over the Able Danger program: They said they shut it down, now we know they lied and were violating the law.

RNC and White House linked to "independent polls" on the NSA problems. Money traced from the RNC to the polling contractor.

Sample magic show the White House uses to distract your attention from war crimes.


Outline for preliminary inquiry: Joint Staff alleged violations of DoD directives and UCMJ [ Click ]

Joint Staff and President are egnaged in an unlaful rebellion against the Constitution. [ Click ]

American military commanders show they have joined the President in an unlawful rebellion -- distracting attention from their unlawful orders and failure to honor their oaths to the Constitution.

NSA's leadership discredited for making misleading statements.

NSA revelations show there are fissures in the Joint Staff -- how to exploit these fissures during the conviction phase of the impeachment process.

RNC unlawfully using DoD in domestic propaganda blitz. [ Click ]

Investigative leads: How Dod's NSA supplies law enforcement with unlawful information, violating the 4th Amendment against warrantless searches [ Click ]


The NSA data said there was no WMD in Iraq: Charging the Joint Staff and Rumsfeld with war crimes.

Alleged Gonzalez perjury.

What do you do if the NSA data shows the US military is engaged in war crimes?

All this lying about what the NSA can or cannot find in Iraq, Why not use the NSA to find out why the RNC Senators are delaying phase II?

Calculated Diversions: No facts, smokescreens and red herrings

Dinsinformation: Distracting attention, mitigate chances Senate finds President unfit for office.

Iran: The big diversion Click

Propaganda about Syria to distract attention from violations of the law at home.

White House accusations about others shed light on the problems with rule of law at home.

White House pattern: They made a mess in Iraq then they lied about. The NSA had no information showing there was WMD.

NSA can't find WMD in Iran -- They can't find weapons in Iran. Why? They don't exist. It's another sham White House accusation, devoid of any facts from the NSA.

White House propaganda: Rewriting history about Iraq then applying those lies to Iran. But the NSA monitoring doesn't jive with the White House statements.

Political theory

Presidential rebellion: President leads Joint Staff in rebellion against the American Constitution.

White House approach to power: Lessons from Machiavelli.

What we knew before the NYT article in Dec 2005

Bolton confirms NSA used to spy on Americans.

Link between Able Danger, Bolton, the NSA, and 9-11.

DoD in crisis over Able Danger -- but the illegal program was already starting before 9-11.

DIA domestic intelligence gathering.

Joint Staff fissures exploited.

Rumsfeld's known veracity problem: He lies about what happens over torture, why not lie about other things?

White House fissures exploited.

Well known problems in the American military: Disciplie problems leaked over in their oaths of office, accountability, and assent to the rule of law.

2004 Discussions: Indicators of a coverup [ Click ]

* * *

This is an outline. It connects to the other blogspots related to the NSA Hearings related to the President's unlawful violation of our Constitution; and the basis for him being lawfully removed from office.

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