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Friday, April 29, 2005

Harvard Westlake Lawsuit Archive

Breaking Bullying News -- Thanksgiving Holiday 2006

Ref The Story of Paul Moran is a good reason why HW Counsel should wake up: This bullying business is serious. Not impressed with the excuses.

Students at Harvard Westlake, best wishes! You may find this info of interest to share with your friends -- It explains how the issues below fit into current events. Please consider the information and discuss it with your peers in school. Good luck, and best wishes.

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Ref The small problem with MPP, the fund transfers, and Hudnut: The alleged link between HW-connected Latham, illegal war crimes, and the DoD trip.

Next Event: Arbitration Status Conference 04/19/2007 at 09:00 am in department 54 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Welcome! This is the Harvard Westlake school lawsuit litigation archive.

New readers: Important disclaimers and welcoming notes

This archive listing below includes links to the LA Superior Court case docket; Constant's original material; and other web content about Harvard Westlake.

For example, the section called the "archive" includes links to a case overview, fatal admissions, and a list of issues likely to arise during discovery and cross examination.

We also include in another section other helpful links for educators and counselors.

As a special tribute to educators and parents, included are links to:

  • help your students combat bullying; and
  • topics to discuss with your school's general counsel when crafting a school newspaper editorial policy.

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    This information is provided as is, without any warranties, and may not be consistent with more accurate information from the court docket. Please refer to official LA Superior Court docket information on meeting times, hearing locations, or updates for the Harvard Westlake Litigation.

    This information is provided for information only and general discussion for a wide public audience, and is not intended to be specific information directed toward any specific individual, party, or organization.

  • Archive

    Announcements in re [ BC332406 ]

    See You In 6 months, April 2007

    Next Meeting: 04/19/2007
    Time: 09:00 am
    Location: department 54
    Map: 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Status Conference (re arbitration)

    Status Conference:
    Date: 10/27/2006
    Time: 09:00 am
    Location: Department 54
    Address: 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

    As of 7:30PM {Pacific Time}, 12 Jan 2006: Problem with the LA Superior Court website. No information on any changes. Check with your legal counsel, or the Court for any changes.

    Case information, Docket

    Reader tip To view the HW Docket content at the LA Superior Court: [1] hit the link; [2] scroll to the bottom; [3] at "Case Number" enter BC332406 for the Caplins complaint against HW; [4] leave all other boxes blank, hit "SEARCH".

    You only have to enter the code once; each successive time you hit a link related to this case number, you'll be directed immediately to the linked-content.

    08/02/2005 Case transferred from original department 39 to department 1


    Case information

    Documents filed

    Proceeding information

    Case goes to trial, survives summary judgment.

    SPLR reports Caplin complaint against Chronicle Advisor dismissed, with prejudice.

    Red herrings in the wine.


    Football team members summoned

    HW's fatal admissions in their April press release

    A look at the school history, management practices, and possible interrogatories to be filed against school officials to support litigation and the law suit.

    Complaint overview
    $100M internet hate crimes lawsuit filed against Harvard-Westlake
    Defendant Neumeyer: Partial dismissal of claims
    SPLR reports Caplin complaint against Chronicle Advisor dismissed, with prejudice.

    Chronicle advisor provides funds to media outlet with favorable coverage.

    DoJ Investigation: LA District Attorney
    LA District Attorney's declination in re Caplin inconsistent with guidance

    Links between LA DA and defense counsel.

    Proper notifications during safety of life issues.

    DoJ Investigation: LAPD
    LAPD has a pattern of ignoring credible threats of violence.

    LAPD has a pattern of concealing records and files; hit with attorney costs [ More . . .]

    Settlement Issues
    Punitive damages discussion

    General settlement issues

    Quick look at some caselaw relative to the School Handbook
    Plaintiff counsel

    Caplins former attorney allegedly suspended in 2000 by CA state Bar [05/20/2005 Substitution of Attorney: Hassett reported as "former attorney for plaintiff/petitioner" in case docket, replaced by LAW OFFICE OF JENNIFER LYNCH]:

    Jennifer L. Lynch, Attorney At Law;
    St. Bar #157020
    380 S. Melrose Dr., Suite 208 414
    Vista, Ca. 92083
    Tele: (760) 643-4113

    Defense counsel
    E. Randol Schoenberg 155281 1988

    One law firm monitoring the lawsuit. Kent A. Halkett, 102718
    Outside venture capitalists evaluating HW receivorship options
    White House linked to both LA District Attorney Cooley and Harvard Westlake through, inter alia :
    - [a] Latham & Watkins;
    - [b] UCLA [University of California at Los Angeles]
    - [c] the SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] and
    - [d] Treasury Department and US Attorney

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    Helping students combat school bullying

    Ref BBC Guide on Bullying

  • Hate Crimes Panel 2005: Sept. 7 at the University of Richmond.

  • Paper: Making a difference in school bullying. [See page 36/37 for worksheet]

  • Video: It's a Girl's World.

  • Bully Online has index for teachers

  • Comebacks: Some easy things to practice with your parents and/or friends before bullying starts. If it happens, talk to someone. You're not alone.

  • PAVE

  • Links for counselors to prevent and mediate bullying

  • Suggested search links

  • NAESP.

    IT solution to combat hate-speech/e-bullying

    Require authentication so only authorized users can access school equipment.

    Combatting textbullying.

    High school newspaper publication policies

    The following are merely illustrative links; consult a licensed attorney for advice on drafting your specific school's policies relative to statutes and caselaw.

    Contrast the general caselaw with sample newspaper publication policies, guidance, guidelines, tips, and standards.


    S1145: Funding to prosecute hate crimes.

    Stickers here: