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Saturday, September 24, 2005

HW defense counsel linked to LA DA

It was curious how the District Attorney's office was quick to not investigate the alleged threats of death against the Caplins son.

Reader Tip: Harvard Westlake litigation articles are here in the archive.

A plain reading of the DA's website suggests the decision not to investigate was improper. According to the website, the DA's office takes hate crimes on the internet seriously. We are not persuaded the response was serious; this conclusion is supported by the subsequent DOJ review.

Also, the prosecutors guide clearly delineates the grounds to review matters related to hate crimes.

* * *

What's been puzzling is what would prompt the DA's office to apparently ignore their own internal guidelines, and not take action against students at Harvard Westlake. Theoretically, guides are to be followed; not used simply as evidence of a policy that is selectively followed with the ebb and flow of the flood waters.

The alleged pervasive pattern of misconduct is not isolated to the students.

The alleged inaction and failure to investigate was, in part, the catalyst for the Caplins to bring suit. The Department of Justice has subsequently launched an investigation into the LAPD and DA's office.

But there's more

One of the Harvard Westlake litigation defense counsel, Kent A. Halkett with Musick Peeler & Garrett LLP, is the director of the San Marino City Club.

Halkett is listed on the San Marino City Club as Arrangements Co-Chair.

On January 18 2005, the LA District Attorney Cooley made a presentation for the San Marino City Club at the Huntington Middle School, 1700 Huntington Drive, San Marino, California.

Cooley's office allegedly failed to investigate the Caplins allegations and is under DOJ investigation.

* * *

There is another a curious link between the San Marino City Club and the LA District Attorney's Office.

Working along side Halkett at the San Marino City Club, and the second half of the "Arrangements Co-Chair," is Al Boegh.

Boegh was in 2003 Treasurer for the San Marino Community Church, associated with Tom Bousman, Minister of Visitation.

On April 28, 2005 Bousman, spoke to the Sann Marino Rotary Club, just four months after SAMANTHA MASSON of the LA District Attorney's Office L.A. Media Coordinator spoke before the Rotary.

Masson, a graduate of San Francisco state, on December 9, 2004 gave a presentation to the Rotary called "The District Attorney's Bad Check Division".

Rotary scholarships recipients later earn doctorships at UCLA, and are then hired by Harvard Westlake.

UCLA Law School has on its staff former LA District Attorney legal counsel, David Fleming [UCLA '59 Grad] who is of Latham & Watkins, and Member of Dean's Counsel at UCLA Law School.

* * *

Getting back to Musick Peeler & Garrett LLP, it is curious Kent A. Halkett, defense counsel in the Harvard Westlake litigation, "just happens" to have an apparent social relationship with Stephen Cooley of the District Attorney's Office, the entity responsible for investigating the alleged misconduct at Harvard Westlake.

Contrast the apparent ease with which counsel can get the District Attorney to appear for a speaking engagement on two occaisions; with the apparent frosty response to the Caplins' request for assistance over alleged threats of death.

Who is the DA more responsive to: Citizens facing safety of life issues; or attorneys who know how to push the right buttons on their phones?

It would be interesting to know more about the relationship between counsel, the firm, the San Marino City Club, the San Marino Rotary Club, and the LA District Attorney's office.

When analyzing the LA DA's reluctance to investigate the Caplins allegations, it remains to be understood to what extent, if any, DoJ is factoring in the association between Halkett and Cooley.

DOJ has enough trouble finding vegans. The weather, as of late, has not been cooperating, raising doubts the FBI muster up the interest to gloss over evidence related to allegations of:

A. Corruption in the LA DA's office; or

B. Possible inappropriate relationships between Musick Peeler & Garrett, professional organizations like the San Marino City Club, the San Marino Rotary Club, public servants in the LA DA's office, and institutions like Harvard Westlake.

* * *

Did the LA District Attorney choose to "not investigate" the issues in re Caplins because of an existing, undisclosed, or improper relationship between either:

  • [a] LA DA and Harvard Westlake; and/or

  • [b] LA DA and HW legal counsel?

    * * *

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    But it goes the both ways.

    If the community at large experiences pervasive intestinal discomfort, some hosts blame the guests for overindulgence.

    If that doesn't muzzle the wayward, some hosts may threaten a lawsuit as retaliation against those complaining of fowl spirits.

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