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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Able Danger and Bolton: The link to 9-11 and the NSA

If you're a parent torn about what's going on in Iraq or upset about what happened in Louisiana with the hurricane recovery, I encourage you to review this.

As you've probably figured out, I'm not all that happy with how things have been fleshing out.

MI5 made some revelations which, in my mind, all but confirmed there was a problem. Added to which, one of their former analysts accused the Americans of being behind the 9-11 attacks.

* * *

Now we get into some smoke and mirrors with Able Danger and 9-11. The problem the White House and Pentagon have is that there are two problems:

A. The witnesses are still alive; and

B. By confirming the information was destroyed, they've confirmed the Able Danger program is real -- non-existent programs do not have paper trails that are covered up.

One of the arguments against letting DoD personnel testify is that the White House will have egg on its face. However, the real issue is that the Pentagon doesn't want the public to know about the NSA connections with the DoD satellites.

Bolton has already spilled the beans: NSA and GCHQ both spy on America and retain the information.

* * *

The problem DoD has is whether the funding for Iraq got taken out of the satellites to fund the Iraq war; or whether the real reason to Army didn't get the armor is because of the NSA/NRO satellite bills.

Which leads us back to 9-11. Supposedly there were many classified briefings given to the 9-11 Commission.

What's the problem with "not being able to provide classified information on Able Danger" in 2005? Senators have classified clearances.

* * *

DoD is confused. Their responses should be sending off alarm bells: "DoD hasn't been forthcoming with Congressional oversight -- those who are lawfully required and cleared to review that material and/or the testimony from those involved."

This means that the information is problematic, not because it is classified, but because it is on the same level as Bolton's NSA intercepts: They are illegal.

Remember, the NSA keeps copies of this Able Danger in GCHQ -- that's where the Downing Street Memo came from.

Does the United States Congress have to subpoena the GCHQ in order to get the information on the Able Danger program?

If you think you're "brave enough" to know the truth, then get on the ConyersBlog and ask Congressman Conyers to write another letter for the Raw Story to post:: It is time the US Congress subpoena GCHQ so that the American public can get the information about ongoing, unlawful operations.

* * *

Remember all the levee warnings about New Orleans? Who do you think is also ignoring the risks of other problems? The same people who are clueless and took the nation to war without adequate planning in Iraq.

Here's the pattern: Bad trends build, they gain momentum, and then they come together. The 2012 article discusses this confluence.

However, if you don't want to find out about Able Danger do nothing; but don't whine if there's a military coup as written in the 2012 piece.

Just as the "nation chose to do nothing about setting a firm deadline to get some accountability and results in re the levees," so too is there a building momentum toward what was written about in the 2012 piece.

Here's the theme: Bad trends discussed; lip service to solutions; lack of closure on the issues; the forecasts materialize; the nation suffers; and then people wonder why nothing was done.

It was the same prior to 9-11.

* * *

How does this relate to Hurricane Rita? Read this and consider the similarities: US forces are losing in the middle east; and the US population is getting "used to" relying on the military; and there's talk about getting rid of Posse Comitatus.

The actual coup was attempted in 2001. Do you want to find out what can really go bad, or do you want to tell DoD to fess up about Able Danger?

The toads in the Pentagon know full well about the Dunlap paper. The American public may find out about it the hard way.

It's now time to put up or shut up. The players in DoD have not only committed war crimes in Iraq, but they're about to do the same thing [again] stateside: What other "Able Danger-like" programs are there; and if DoD is doing this, what is DoJ up to?

* * *

Maybe you need a bigger slap in the face. I'll say it again [for the third time]: The forecasts in the 2012 paper are continuing to accelerate, it's happening, and you're being spoon fed non-sense to ignore the problem.

Read this full quote. Neither Shakespeare nor Caesar wrote it.

Guess who did?

NSA, NRO, JTTF, and GCHQ know. There's your answer.

* * *

The easy answer is to defer the "response problems with Katrina" from DHS back onto DoD. Warner is already calling for Posse Comitatus to get scrapped.

Remember the last time they wanted to "scrap something"? That was after 9-11, and we got the Patriot Act, rubber stamped.

I'll say it a fourth time: Read the 2012 paper, and the "Beware the leader" quote.

Is this sinking in? If it is, then blog about it. If I don't hear anything, I'll assume America remains in a coma despite the catalysts of 9-11, Able Danger, Iraq WMD, and Katrina.

What is it going to take?

You can have your constitution if you're willing to keep it. There are many people dazed right now over 9-11, Iraq, and Katrina.

Get focused.

* * *

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A. Joint Protection Enterprise Network is part of Talon; it is a reporting protocol. DoD installations use this to monitor activity on and around the military installation. DoD and DoJ overlap in the CIFA, for Counter Intelligence Field Activity, and this flows into JTTF. These units were the ones that were activited for interrogation Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and Afghanistan.

B. NSA/Echelon information of intelligence value does flow from NSA/NRO/GCHQ to the local level in DoD and DOJ/local police. This information is not necessarily admissable, but is used stateside during interrogations such as "consensual encounters," "witness/victim interviews," "random stops" or "friendly interviews."

C. "Non admissable information" is used to both find and fabricate admissable information.

What you can do

Review this information and talk to your lawyer.