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Monday, September 19, 2005

NYPD back to its old tricks, shuts down Cindy Sheehan

I enjoy reading the Village Voice, especially when I read something that doesn't make sense.

Cindy Sheehan had her NYC protest shut down. 13th Precinct Commander Inspector Michael McEnroy wants us to believe that he wasn't censoring content.

I find his statement incredibly laughable.

* * *

Let's consider McEnroy's apparent veracity problem.

During the RNC demonstration trial, where officers were found to have fabricated video evidence, McEnroy testified that the bag-search policy was not being used; however the court found otherwise and Judge Robert W. Sweet on July 16, 2004 ordered an injunction..

Also, in May 2005 there was a little dispute with bullhorns. Geoffrey Blank of the No Police State Coalition had his bullhorns confiscated.

According to Blank, McEnroy said he was going to be like white on rice. That sounds a little harsh.

Also, recall that Gregory L. Vandenberg and Norbert Liebig, JTTF officers assigned to Nebraska's North Platte F-Troop intelligence sectionallegedly went to Omaha, Nebraska to intimidate the ACLU officer leading a discussion questioning the Patriot Act.

It is not credible to believe that the NYPD is "out of the loop" of who Cindy Sheehan is.

Based on the RNC fabricated evidence; the inconsistencies between what McEnroy testified and what the court found; and the comments about Blank, I have zero confidence in McEnroy's statements or his asserted objectives for the actions in re Cindy Sheehan.

The former CIA employees working in the JTTF / NYPD intelligence unit need a shorter leash.

* * *

Some of McEnroy's Assignments:

13th Precinct

17th Precinct, Replacing Captain Kevin Ward

Public Service Area [PSA] Squad 7 [1988]

Others assigned to Squad 7: Police Officers Joseph Braithwaite, Gerald Feist, Michael Hanson, Cipriano Illiano, Mildred Miranda, Edward Moore, David Moskowitz, Ray Rosa, Peter Weber, and Anthony Weekes