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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hurricane name suggestions

They're almost out of hurricane names; here's my list of suggestions for Hurricane Bumper stickers:

MOHIAWA: My other house is all wet as well.

MOCIAFTAIUTFOW: My other car is a FEMA truck, and is under 20 feet of water.

IGIBMPIITBTD: I've got insurance, but my policy is in the bank that's disappeared.

BCPHBAHJANETOHBSO: Brownie couldn't possibly have been a horse judge, and not expected to have been shit on.

ITTMSBDDYWFOTTODYJWAT: It's time to make some budget decisions: Do you want food on the table, or do you just want a table?

ILFMHBINITSE: I'm looking for my house, but it's not in this state either.

WNADWYGTWH: Who needs a disaster, when you've got this White House.

DITDSM: Duh: It's the Downing Street Memo.

IYCFABIMTWMIW: If you can feel a breeze, it means the wind machine is working.

IGSBOBWS: I've got smoked bacon out back, want some?

IIAM: Iraq is a mistake.

BIASU: Bush is a screw up.

FUDC: Fuck you, Dick Cheney.

ISFUAVPC: I said, "Fuck you again, Vice President Cheney."