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Thursday, January 12, 2006

HW: Status Conference -- LA Superior Court Website Error

Update, 13 Jan 2006: LA superior Court website error corrected.

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For those of you seeking information on the Harvard Westlake Status Conference meeting, you may notice that the LA Superior Court website has an error.

This is an error on the LA Superior Court website.

This shows the error message, and suggests some alternatives to find out updates to the docket.

Where to get updated information

We have no information on whether this meeting time/location has been changed. Until the website is working again, here are some Useful phone numbers to verify.

We recommend calling the LA Superior Court to confirm the HW status conference meeting is still schedule for the last posted time, 13 Jan 2006:

Announcements in re [ BC332406 ]

Status Conference:
Date: 01/13/2006
Time: 09:00 am
Location: Department 54
Address: 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Error Message

Steps to arrive at the error message:

1. Entered correct case number

2. Hit return; Links

3. Got this message:

Error Message

Case Summary

Provider error '80004005'

Unspecified error

/civilCaseSummary/common.asp, line 411

Who to e-mail if you have comments about the Website

There is a link to provide feedback for the website: Here.

Email questions about the website can be sent here:

webmaster AT

Important Disclaimer

This information is not official information. There may be changes to the meeting times and locations.

This message in this blog is intended to provide useful, although not necessarily correct information to readers of the Los Angeles Superior Court Docket, and those interested in the Harvard Westlake Litigation between the Caplins and the HW School.

We have no other information to provide on the Status Conference Hearing, or the information which may or may not be discussed.

If you have specific questions about the Status Conference Hearing or the Harvard Westlake Litigation you are advised to discuss these matters with legal counsel.

This information is not legal advice, and it should not be relied upon in making decisions about court appearances, schedule changes, or other matters related to the court.

Do not rely on the above information to make a decision about the pending legal matters before the court.

This is not official and may be incorrect.

This information has not been coordinated with the LA Superior Court; and the LA Superior Court and HW litigation plaintiff/defense legal counsel have no connection with this message.

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