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Thursday, January 12, 2006

War crimes, impeachment: Documents reveal EU-American conspiracy

Italian Independent Media has provided links to documents showing the Americans and Europeans agreed to embark on a common purpose to engage in abuse and unlawful kidnapping.

The revelations are consistent with Swiss Intercepts of Egyptian message traffic discussing EU countries involved in the Rendition program.

The revelations come at a time when Jack Straw, a UK Minister has come under attack for misleading Parliament about his knowledge of the Rendition program.

Update 18 Jan 2006: UK Intelligence memo discusses how to avoid discussing rendition -- something they knew was going on. Ref [End update]

It remains to be understood how the EU information would be used during an impeachment against President Bush over war crimes, unlawful treatment of prisoners, and other high crimes. [Other discussion; Below: Links to message traffic, plans, and other discussion.]

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The problem the White House, RNC, and NSA have: No longer can they rely on past smear strategies to keep Americans silent.

The documents are surfacing in Europe, showing there was a wider conspiracy to engage in war crimes, unlawful kidnapping.

It remains to be understood how this evidence will be reviewed by the American's House Judiciary Committee during an impeachment hearing.

Rendition Documents -- EU proven to have lied -- well aware of unlawful American actions

(Cross posted): Here are the documents -- plans, agreements, memorandum of understanding between the US and EU countries over Rendition: here.

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Above documents are consistent with Egyptian message traffic to the UK, intercepted by the Swiss.

Specific countries in the EU have publicly denied involvement, but the above documents and the Egyptian message traffic paint a far different picture. [TPM Discussion:]

But the misrepresentations and apparent false official statements are not isolated to the new members of the EU in eastern Europe. Also caught in the deceptions is the UK. . .

UK Minister Caught Lying to Parliament

Jack Straw initially said there was no evidence of Rendition.

Now, documents show Straw had denied specific CIA requests for assistance.

Fallout: UK minister under attack for blocking rendition investigation More . . .


Will EU citizen outrage over being deceived spark calls for investigations?

How will the investigations in Eastern Europe reveal new information about American government actions?

Will the EU outrage yield Downing Street Memo-like documents: Minutes of meetings between the EU and Americans, which up until now has been kept secret?

What other unlawful programs have the Americans and Europeans agreed to, denied, . . . but there is evidence?

The answer: The information is in the Echelon data intercepts . . .

Will the American Congress review information from Europe when it comes to matters of impeachment?

How many documents from the EU will the House Judiciary Committee review during the impeachment/trial of President Bush?

What evidence in the EU documents show the Europeans and Americans were jointly agreeing to engage in war crimes, and how did they share intelligence to engage in retaliation against those speaking out against the war in Iraq?

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Added: 14 Jan 2006

Consider the above Memorandum in the context of the Fitzgerald Grand Jury investigation, war crimes, and the Nuremberg war crimes trial documents [Cross posted] . . .

The Italian Independent Media has obtained documents showing Memorandums of Agreement between the US and EU. This Memorandum would permit, recognize, and encourage cooperation between the American CIA and European intelligence agencies and governments.

The issues covered by the agreement are not limited to areas of rendition, housing, and other support for purposes of engaging in intelligence gathering, abuse, and conduct contrary to the laws of war and human rights -- completely destroying the EU credibility, especially UK's Jack Straw.

The Memorandum is interesting in the context of the Swiss investigation into the Egyptian message traffic -- which the above link outlines and points to other content.

Consider the MOA in light of President's veracity problem before the Fitzgerald Grand Jury

As you are well aware, Fitzgerald has already spoken to the President, and -- because he was unable to get truthful information from Libby, who is indicted -- the Fitzgerald Grand Jury investigation continues, ebbing closer to the President and Vice President. In light of the President's material deceptions over the NSA unlawful surveillance, it remains to be understood whether the Fitzgerald Grand jury will [a] narrow in on these issues, or [b] raise the above issues in terms of whether the President can or cannot be trusted when testifying over the Plame Leak issue. It appears the Grand Jury may conclude the President's statement are not credible and that he has obstructed justice/lied to a US Attorney and Grand Jury over a matter of criminal law.

The Memorandum of Agreement appears to be something similar to what Hitler and other leaders assented to -- made with full knowledge of what was going on, with every intent to ignore human rights, and memorialize their agreement -- with every expectation the conduct never be discovered.

Consider how the MOA may fit in with a war crimes indictment

The MOA, combined with the President's deceptions and untruthfulness, is another piece of evidence showing the scope of the alleged conspiracy is not isolated to American shores, but touches the global community -- something on par with the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial.

This falls into the common conspiracy folder; and is also linked to the notion of support by advisors for a common purpose, as the indictment against Goering spells out. Each of the indictments hinges on the individuals having been a position to influence and advise [ kw = advisor] Hitler.