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Monday, January 09, 2006

TPM: Marhsall looking for Interior Transition Information

Ambramoff scandal is spreading to many of the departments.

The fine Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall, has requested some information:
Who has more granular detail about Jack Abramoff's role as a member of the Bush transition team in 2000-2001 for the Interior Department?Ref

Here's where you can find it, Josh . . .

Here's the Google Search for the Interior Department Transition Team here.

There are some names you may want to cross check against when looking for records.

I'm not sure what specific information you want, but the following names, corporations, and fund transferes were involved. Maybe if you use these names/corporoations you can find some of the details you're looking for.

Link: For all the Interior Department Transition efforts


Line 1: Name ............
Line 2: Company/Entity association........
Line 3: $ Dollar Amount

Jason Campbell
Public Lands Council

William P Jarrell
Boeing Co,
Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds

Cy Jamison
Jamison & Sullivan

William P Horn
Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot

Marc Racicot
Bracewell & Patterson

William Jarrell
Boeing Co,
Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds

Gary J Taylor
International Association Of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

Malcolm Wallop
Western Strategy Group

Steve Griles
National Environmental Strategies

Oh, you want their cell phone numbers as well so you can get their records . . .

* * *

P.S. Yes, it's comforting to know that DoJ OPR/Public Integrity Unit is not only spying on American citizens, but criminals as well.

What a relief! For a minute, I thought only innocent people were getting caught in the NSA vacuum cleaner.

Thanks, DoJ! I feel so much better . . . you can burn my Constitution now!

* * *

TPM says there's a naming contest over the Abramoff Scandal.

Here are some suggrestions for slogans or bylines to the final name:

- It was bad, but then it got worse
- They were in charge, but fell down
- Fast risers, fast fallers
- The scandal of all scandals
- RNC Weenie Scandal
- RNC Fascist Scandal
- RNC PNAC Fascism means America
- RNC PNAC Lying fascist dogs took control of America, and America still sucks.
- "First I thought America sucked because of the Democrats; then I thought America sucked because of the RNC -- now I realize that America just sucks."
- "America: The land where, even if you have evidence of criminal activity, the DoJ can't clean it up -- unless the weather cooperates -- but they still give excuses to do nothing -- just like 9-11."
- "We had 9-11 -- but Americans are still lazy and unwilling to fight for their freedom at home. They like to talk about it around the globe, but America sucks."
- "No matter how much the government tried to destroy the Constitution, lazy Americans sat on their rear end and complained about it. They didn't care -- but they had plenty of TiVo to watch the entire Constitution burn before their eyes. Americans are lazy and they deserve what they got: A crappy nation without any protection for their civil liberties."
- "They blogged about it -- but America still sucked after all the discussion. Lazy Americans!"
- "Despite being told in 2004 that the leader of the RNC was indicted, it took the brain-dead DNC opposition 16 months to come up with a plan: 'Gosh, we could do something with this' "