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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The first of many

How many times will you say good bye to your freedom?

Long ago, not as long as long, long ago . . .

There lived a family of rocks. They spent most of their days lounging in the sun.

One day, along came a shadow, then a woman’s leather shoe, connected to a woman’s leg.

She stood over the rocks, saying little to her friend – merely waving into the cell phone video.

She left the rocks. They didn’t hear from her for quiet some time.

* * *

The above is a summarized-redacted version of a news story identify individuals connected to funds transfers from overseas accounts.

If you want to know the truth about things, you may discover it – but it is far more difficult to find the truth by simply listening to what people say.

Silence should not be construed as a sign of calm – merely the public is not confident they can express their thoughts.

To say what must be said under the smaller umbrella; while learning more about the world despite vague discussions.

What is to be said of a land where we are no longer free to express ourselves; share our thoughts; raise reasonable questions about what we learn and discover – it is the land of tyranny, masquerading as one with a warm blanket.

May those who have demanded the restraint suffer the full consequences:

  • Less warning for impending problems;

  • Greater chance of financial loss;

  • Increased probability of being surprised;

  • Little regard when they suffer or face harm.

    A few might demand protection, and the rest of us are less free. This is how a nation because more callous – why free people remain silent in the face of tyranny.

    To live like this is unacceptable. Yet, Americans show they are willing to compromise once again – to accept a law that appears to be one thing, but is designed for the opposite.

    America is no longer the place I thought it might become. It is a dark, callous, and despicable land.

    I no longer care.

    It is time to leave.

    And say, "Good bye."