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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

How western intelligence like MI5 and FBI blackmail asylum seekers and immigrants

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They fled tyranny. Then got more abuse in America.This is sure interesting. MI5 in the UK is blackmailing people applying for political asylum.

The game goes like this. In exchange for the UK State Security service not deporting them, the asylum seeker is told they have to provide information to the intelligence service.

If they do not agree to cooperate? MI5 has a strange habit of ensuring they lose their jobs and are fired.

This is not small matter. For in the United States, illegal aliens could be detained for months in detention centers pending the court review.

How many in the “free nations of Echelon” are using this blackmail technique against newly arriving immigrants?

Law enforcement has the role of enforcing the law. They will use all sorts of tricks to get information, even lie.

But to parade before the world that the US-UK-coalition of the threatened is somehow “doing the right thing in Iraq” is absurd.

These tactics are no better than what Saddam Hussein has done. Indeed, the “widespread abuses in Iraq” that the UK minister says were justification for removing Saddam Hussein are, guess what, widespread in the US and UK.

Are we to believe, that based on innuendo alone, that the free nations of the world who might arrive to liberate the Americans from their oppressive captors are somehow subject to a different standard than that applied to the invasion of Iraq?

“Oh, we can’t think about that.”


Yet, let us recall that the American ABC News has reported that the DoJ has released a report that the 10,000 AlQueda are fiction.

This means that there’s no basis to say to any immigrant, “You need to cooperate with us to report information on AlQueda, or you are going to lose your job and be deported.”

Once again, the United States wants to point the finger at other nations, but engages in the same abuses: Torture, blackmail, and detention of innocent people.

In the UK, there are individuals on watch lists who are innocent. Despite being cleared, these individuals’ names continue to come up. They are stopped.

This is no different than the no fly list in the US.

Yet, why is the outrageous conduct in the UK getting much attention, but the similarly outrageous arrogance in the TSA doesn’t get a peep?

It’s as if the Americans have succumbed to their plight, and accepted that they have lost their freedom. “Oh, it doesn’t affect me. I’m not an illegal alien.”

Law enforcement will lie to put you in jail. Then because you have “committed a crime,” that makes you eligible to be deported. Even if you have been in the United States for many years.

  • How much information do the informants give to law enforcement that is false?

  • Why is law enforcement unwilling to respond to calls?

  • Why does the public have to go to extraordinary lengths to prompt law enforcement to respond to reasonable requests for assistance?

    The answer is: The law enforcement knows that the war on terror is phony; and that this is a public relations ruse to gather more non-criminal information.

    Yet, what does the FBI do with this information? It cannot manage it. Look at the botched SAIC contract. Is that an improvement?

    Look at what they do with the information their own employees give them. Sibel Edmonds told DoJ time and time again there was a problem. But did DoJ listen? No.

    What did the FBI do about the information in the I-drive? Did it give it up? No, it couldn’t find it.

    And what did ChoicePoint do when there were allegations that non-approved personnel were getting access to information that was otherwise only supposed to be seen by law enforcement? They covered it up.

    What did the NSA and GCHQ do when Ms Gunn [GCHQ] and Mr. Frank Koza [NSA] were linked with domestic spying in the United States? Nothing, they just asked for the arrogant Mr. Bolton to shove the UN’s nose into the notion of just war theory.

    The world appears to continue to require the catalyst of major human rights abuse. Yet, how many more abuses are required in the UK, US, and Australia?

    How many more people have to believe the bait that they are “running from tyranny, in the hopes of finding a better life,” only to run right into the very forces of arrogance and abuse they thought they fled?

    The word needs to go out. To the entire world. If you think you’re going to flee your tyranny by coming to the west, you are mistaken.

    Once you arrive on the shores of America, you will be threatened and forced to give information about your friends. You will be threatened with incarceration at detention camps if you do not agree to cooperate.

    You could be locked up indefinitely, lost in the US and UK prison system if you decide that you are not going to do what anyone has no reasonable reason to be expected to do.

    If you dare stand up for yourself in the United States or the United Kingdom, you will be threatened with a loss of a job, deportation, and loss of liberty.

    That is not freedom. That is tyranny. And it is no different than that which you hope to flee.

    Stay where you are. Build your own life. And don’t bother believing the illusion that America, the UK, or Australia are free. These countries are run by stupid people, who look for any excuses to violate their constitution. They have already shown they will torture and kill people who dare to refuse to submit to their arbitrary will.

    That is not freedom. It is the same tyranny which the west supposedly fought and died for to prevent on the shores of Turkey during WWI. What a waste!

    The West longs for the Cold War; for in its absence, the West has become the very enemy it once defeated.