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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Look at the videos for active duty military personnel assigned to Operation Falcon

Quick tip: DHS support is a smokescreen; FOIA requests to CIA and NSA in re "posse comitatus"

Why is DoJ so keen on monitoring who's talking about Operationg Falcon videos? 18 USC 1385: Was Posse Comitatus violated with Operation Falcon? Ask the FBI, JTTF, and Army CID.

It would be a real problem if 18 USC 1385 was ignored, and military personnel were brought in through Quantico to assist the US Marshals during Operation .

JTTF is the integrating function between all the federal agencies. And that includes the domestic security and investigation services in the military like Army CID.

Recall, during Guantanamo, JTTF personnel were assigned to conduct interrogations.

Need to look closely at the videos.

  • Where did these "extra" personnel really come from?

  • How many military personnel were in these Operation Falcon videos?

  • Do you see any active duty military personnel on those Operation Falcon video tape raids; how about CIA case officers or FBI investigators -- do you see anyone who may have been indirectly aware of, or present during, the torture in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, or Afghanistan?

  • Anyone you see in the videos publicly claiming they didn't know they were on a police raid, but were actually in a position to do something about stopping the torture at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, or Afghanistan?

  • Are the DoD IG, CIA IG, or DoJ IG looking into this issue and exploring the Army personnel assigned to Quantico; or the CIA personnel assigned with FBI-JTTF units?

  • Is the US ready to have military units patrolling their streets, invading homes, and making domestic arrests?

  • Is DoJ worried that someone is going to find out that DoJ may have brought in JTTF personnel who are active duty military personnel?

  • How many defense, justice, or civilian contractors were hired by either DoJ or DoD to work at Quantico, get training with the FBI or any government funded agency, and then get dispatched with these units during Operation Falcon?

  • What review, if any, was done by the Senate or House committees, leadership, staffers, or general counsel of these operations in terms:

    - Of budget allocations,
    - appropriate funding authorizations, and
    - proper compliance with the statutes

    . . . to ensure that no CIA or DoD funding was expended to support, directly or indirectly, Operation Falcon?

  • Which DoD, CIA, DOI, DHS, and/or DoJ contracts did the Senate and House Staffers review and recommend approval during spring-summer-fall 2004 to support the 2005 President's Budget [PB] that would directly or indirectly support Operation Falcon?