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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Will Manhattan DA be indicted for failure to provide honest services?

His office fabricated video evidence. The high stakes if you visit New York City. Here are the statutes in re the right to honest services: 18 USC 371, 1343, and 1346

According to, the DA's office was the source of the altered videos. Videos were fabricated to create a false impression about public actions.

Law enforcement has apparently provide perjured testimony, and videos were altered to match the officer's story.

Small problem. Other videos taken by non-police did not match. The videos from the DA's office had been altered.

This case started with the RNC Demonstrations, and the apparently failure of the DA to ensure the videotechnicians were supervised.

But now there are issues about whether the DA has provided honest services during a time when he knew there was insufficient manning in the DA's office.

  • Why wasn't the evidence more closely vetted?

  • Why didn't the DA ensure that, despite the reduced manpower, the incoming evidence was properly screened?

  • Alot of police lying and the DA's office apparently is playing stupid. How long has this been going on?

  • When will the US Attorney look into the matter?