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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Operation Falcon: Is the net snaring lawful protestors?

Thousands were rounded up. But DoJ's numbers only account for portion of them.

What about the others, where did they come from, and why were they really arrested? Part I: Falcon has some problems with the numbers. But is it a preparatory strike against civil liberties? A preparation for massive roundups?

Sure, a President would throw people in jail for a boost in ratings. He already did it in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and Afghanistan. Why not do it stateside.

Compare the videos

Oh, that's right ... they already do that, and NYC Cops doctored video evidence to justify convictions. Officers will lie when it suits their objectives.

How many videos were shot during Operation , and will the IT video wizards fabricate more lies like they did in NYC?

The numbers

Seitherin asks a good question: What were the other 8,765 or 8747 accused of?

Here's a partial answer: Patriot Act now shows what is possible: Private records seized.

Federalizing the On the Job Training

One of the participants stated they had outside assistance and characterized the sweeps as "alot of fun."
The Marshals appreciated the extra bodies, and it was a lot of work and a lot of fun for guys like me. . . . it was a really good way to promote our talents. Which, if you know our agency, is something of a surprise . . [Links not in the original quote]
Looks like this was some needed-OJT for some people who aren't able to do their job. But what are they teaching them; and why are personnel running around who aren't adequately trained?

Why need the Patriot Act?

According to DoJ, they have all the evidence. So why the need to violate the constitution to gather more non-criminal information about innocent people? No answer there.

And all this information. Why aren't using it or is that information that was in the FBI I-drive and not turned over?

Information exists, but nothing done: Hitler, Stalin, Gonzalez

Jane asks a good question: How would victims feel if the criminals were known, but nothing was done?

Good question. Let's ask Congress why they voted to approve Gonzalez who sent a green light for torture, but nothing was done.

Curious that someone thought to ask if this was unrelated to law enforcement. "Of course it is strictly law enforcement," Wink, wink.

Hitler wasn't really qualified for his job description, either was he? Maybe Congress will keep Gonzalez on a tighter leash than old Adolf. Let's hope so.