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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

COPS waste money, engage in corruption

What's the difference between a wasteful government contractor and a government employee? Here is the DoJ report.

Not a surprise. Cops are dirty. They lie. And they play dumb about the DoJ funding they get.

It's been almost 4 years since 9-11, and DoJ just found out that something from 10 years ago was a problem.

How long will it take to realize the abuse that's been going on in America in the wake of 9-11? Oh, we can't talk about that. Too busy covering up the abuse in Guantanamo and the US prisons.

Cops can threaten people to intimidate them into silence. Thank Goodness there's interpol and 42 USC 1983. Be careful who is monitoring your phone, Officer.

Echelon has ears. And those files are outside your control.

Quick links in re 1983 claims

Florida view on false police statements in re 1983 claims or allegations of officer misconduct.

Articles in re police misconduct and 42 USC 1983

The difference between government and contractors?

Contractors get paid to surf on the internet, while government employees get paid to make up excuses not to learn how to plug in their computer.