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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

FBI shows they need close court oversight

Red Lake is the name of the city where a young man went on a shooting rampage. But weren't we supposed to have learned the lessons in Columbine?

A look at how law enforcement failed. Red Lake reminds us how ineffectual law enforcement has become.

Despite the , the FBI fell down.

The FBI continues to botch things. This is why close supervision is warranted.

Yet, the inhouse management proves wanting. Court oversight is the only credible source of adult supervision.

Why do we need to give them power to access private information?

There are so many flaws in DoJ's arguments. Where does one start? The constitution.

There is no merit or substance to the DoJ's arguments otherwise. FBI agents have continued to rebuff valid information that is available through open sources.

There is nothing to justify spying on the public's use of the public library. The public library is there to be used, to dream of new ideas, and to build a better future. Not to be avoided, for fear of being falsely accused of being a ghost.

There is not need to monitor the private reading habits. Not only is it unconstitutional, FBI has shown it can't really do anything with the information. That is, nothing but intimidate the law abiding to become FBI toads and stools.

But who wants to work with an agency that bungles the easy and abuses those who go out of their way to assist?

DoJ and the FBI have burnt their own bridges. It's time to let them sleep in their own bed. The constitution remains with the people on the mainland. DoJ remains lost on a floating island.

It is unfortunate this many years after 9-11, DoJ and the FBI still can't get it right.

It is absurd that it has taken this long for the United States, not the world, to realize that close, and wise court supervision is needed, not simply constitutional.

DoJ and the FBI deserve a visit to the proverbial-wood shed. Let's hope the courts bring the right belts to whip them into shape. Congress and the President are using wet noodles and dancing to a strange tune.