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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Constitution: Looking forward, but what about the recent past?

The Constitution isn't something we're fighting for. We already won.

It's time to stop the fight. And start using it to smother its enemies. It's good to talk about the constitution. Before the Americans start talking about the future, I'd like to know where they've been since 9-11.

Hello, all that Patriot Act stuff seems a little anti-constitutional. Why does it take so much energy to get the attorneys to step in and provide timely responses.

It is ridiculous that it's been almost 4 years since 9-11, yet the courts are only now just getting around to resolving the constitutional issues.

If America wants to celebrate the constitution, it needs to do better. Actions speak volumes. I have been unimpressed.

I'd like to see some credible commitments at the conference backed up by some action. Let's not have another conference, only to fall down on the job if a real problem happens.

Where's the backbone when it really matters? I haven't seen it. And I remain unimpressed with the US financial reporting and regulatory system. See summary.