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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

ChoicePoint: A place for answers on 9-11, Lebanese assassination

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ChoicePoint made many errors. But they didn't destroy all the evidence about 9-11. Why a national ID is not needed; but questions about 9-11 and the former Lebanese Primer Minister linger -- Will ChoicePoint protect the government or reveal what they know to aid investigations?

Law enforcement already has all the information. It's in the Choice Point data. There's no reason to have a national ID card.

Rather, the real issue is: Given ChoicePoint has extensive data, why did the FBI not look into the issues in the Florida Apartments?

There's no reason to suggest that the Navy-trained pilots around Pensacola were a surprise. All the information was, or should have been in the ChoicePoint database.

It's irrelevant whether the FBI has a problem with their I-drive. The ChoicePoint system is a backup to what SAIC is unable to repair.

DoJ needs to explain, why despite having access to ChoicePoint, agents were unable to maintain control of the information, and failed to follow-up on the 52 FAA warnings.

The NSC didn't need have the FBI and CIA talking together. The information was already coming in from both the FBI. It remains unclear why, despite the ChoicePoint contracts, and easy access FBI agents have to ChoicePoint data, there wasn't a better job at connecting the dots.

Strange how ChoicePoint can provide data to intimidate voters in Florida and have names taken off the voting lists. But when it comes to getting to the bottom of 9-11, Congress refuses to subpoena the data.

Will Congress subpoena ChoicePoint to find out which Presidential finding ordered the assassination of a former leader in Lebanon? Would be very interesting to compare the ChoicePoint data to that contained in the Echelon database.

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