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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Patriot Act: The Congress forgot the Constitution

They don't read the legislation. They don't read the constitution. Ref Ref Why did the nation bother to fight against tyranny in 1776 only to pretend the constitution doesn't exist?

It is truly amazing what level of effort is consistently required to remind the US Attorney General what is clearly promulgated in the constitution he swore an oath to both preserve, protect and defend against both foreign and domestic enemies.

Think about two concepts, "Probable cause" and "to search library records." It's ridiculous that someone can be related to "criminal activity" simply for reading a book.

Based on the 42 USC 1983 claims, its clear the sanctions are meaningless for misconduct. The US government has a credibility problem in arguing there are terrorists. Oh, where is Osama bin Ladin?

As a 2003 article well states, the Lady of Toledo in 1953 has in 2005 a reasonable fear that innocent behavior will be construed as "proof" of whatever the government arbitrarily decides.

REF: Mary Minow, J.D., A.M.L.S. [California, U.S.]. Protecting the Lady from Toledo: Post-USA Patriot Act Surveillance in the Library, 96 Law. Libr. J. 449 (2004).

Patriot Act was rubber stamped, all the while the FAA had 52 warnings of a problem. There is no reason to "knock down the wall between the FBI and CIA." The problem of communication was within the FAA.

Where are the lawyers when we need them? It's amazing it takes this many years after 9-11 to get the Supreme Court to say, "You really should obey the constitution, DoD" in re Hamdii and Padilla.

Yet, despite that clearly promulgated constitution, we once again have to fight for the constitution against Mr Gonzalez. With Negropante, it's time to choose sides.

America is pretending there is a threat, all the while dreaming up new excuses to ignore the constitution. This is no different than the 1930s in Nazi Germany. The proverbial slippery slope.

I would not recommend anyone every attend a university or higher education in the United States because of the surveillance that continues and is increasing. Save yourself the hassle, and get a real education in another country.

The United States' absurdity is antithetical to clear reasoning. They don't even listen to reason; so why bother getting educated? Put your mind and financial investment elsewhere. The United States is a trash heap. Ref

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