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Saturday, February 19, 2005

CIA Black Propaganda to sew the seeds of discontent in Lebanon

Case study in CIA Black Propaganda. Will American put the pieces together? This is a classic black propaganda campaign coming right out from Langley and State: Doing the same non-sense they did prior to the Iraq invasion. Their story doesn't add up.

Plant an article in a "credible" newspaper

They can't even trust the New York Times, have to rely on something "reputable" like something out of the UK. This is a classic CIA black operations-black propaganda campaign.

First, recall the bogus stories about the incubators in Kuwait. They made it up.

Second, if the Syrians were going to do this, they'd know there would be a backlash.

  • "the attack instead increased pressure at home and [edited] abroad for a pull-out"

    Third, look at the entire article: Full of "maybe" and "perhaps"

  • "may have been the work of"

  • "may have hoped"

    Fourth, where are the sources? This smacks of the same baleen we had about the WMD in Iraq. "We can't tell you the sources..." because we made them up.

    US is behind this entire thing. Both in the design, and in the post-event propaganda going around. This has one goal: It's to isolate and pinch Syria, because the US has no credible military power to invade and occupy both Iraq and Syria at the same time.

    Recall the European-support for the US military was based on the German unemployment rate. The US knows it can rally the entire middle east, just as it rallied the world against Saddam, based on no evidence.

    This is baloney:
    “If the Syrians quit Lebanon, not only will the ruling sect lose the dirty drug money but the Syrian state will collapse in six months,” said one Lebanese source.
    Why would anyone care about "drug running" in Syria as "something to get worried about" -- the US is doing nothing about the opium in Afghanistan, so much as giving a green light to the warlords and telling people to back off.

    It's using the presupposition that they "were involved in drugs" as the basis to argue why the Syrians did it, and are also weak.

    Which is it, CIA? Is Syria all powerful to be behind the attack; or are they about to fall apart?

    Answer: The CIA doesn't know because they have no credible intelligence in the Middle East. If they did they'd have the Echelon-data giving a warning to the former Lebanese Primer Minister. That didn't happen.

    The CIA Middle East intel shop, just as Rummy says, is trash. That's why Negroponte set up his own intel shop inside Iraq outside both CIA and DoD.

    Also spelled: negraponte negrapante negropante negropante negraponte