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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

FBI agent charged

ONly 140,000 more to go and they'll be where they belong -- in jail!Why does it take so much work to get the DOJ OPR off their ass?

This type of non-sense goes on all the time. You have agents taking bribes, not doing their job, failing to follow procedures.

And then these arrogant agents have the audacity to tell the public to put up with abusive police conduct, refuse to take complaints.

You morons wonder why people don't bother tell you about problems? You don't listen.

OPR works with local law enforcement to do nothing, create excuses for inaction, and make up stories presented to Congress.

  • What happened in Red Lake -- Why weren't the informants giving you information; or are your lackeys still not looking into things like they did prior to 9-11?

  • Wny weren't the security warnings taken seriously in Georgia?

  • Why weren't the warnings about loose security cross flowed across all the SACs?

    No answers from DoJ, just more excuses to hide evidence about misconduct in Guantanamo.

    FBI has more than a credibility problem. It has a leadership problem.

    We should not be surprised why local government officials say, "Nobody is going to look into this."

    There's nothing in law enforcement that is sending a signal, "Government officials need to do better than sipmly find excuses to ignore their freely chosen professional standards."