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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

FBI Agent caught by wire -- Career in jeopardy

More evidence that FBI agents really are dumber than rocks.

Yesterday they caught an escaped felon who stole a $15 crowbar.

You'd think that law enforcement would learn: "Don't steal things. Crooks steal things. They get caught. Don't steal. Don't be a crook. People who steal get caught. Don't steal. Don't be dumb."

Today, guess who got caught with their hands in the cookie Jar?

That's right, and FBI agent.

This was so stupid, that they didn't get caught doing something just stupid.

Rather, they got caught stealing something worth even less than a singe postage stamp.

Last time I checked, FBI agents are federal employees. That means they get a paycheck.

So why are FBI agents so arrogant to lecture the world about "what the world should be doing," all the while their own scumbag agents can't be trusted to do something simple?

Keep in mind, these agents are 'well trained' at Quantico. They are sent to very difficult assignments and are required to perform great feats of independent thought and analysis.

The agents are taught about video evidence, cameras, and collecting information from their interrogators.

So what was this agent thinking: Did they believe that the store didn't have video cameras. Even if there weren't any cameras, why would an agent enter any establishment and not worry about "hidden cameras"?

This agent doesn't have just a "problem with taking items," they have no comprehension of what a video camera is, or what constitutes video evidence. And we want people like this doing criminal investigations.

Imagine the arrogant FBI agent saying:
"Hay, it's no big deal. Only a foot got cut off. I steal wire all the time and nobody says anything. You're the first person who has said anything. What's your problem? If you're not happy with the job I'm doing, why don't you leave the country?"
What's the public to think when the repeated abuses continue?

"Oh, it's just a rotten apple." This is becoming more of a problem.

Because look at what the FBI agents actually do when they're not supervised: They fail to report their findings in a timely manner to the Senate Intelligence Committee about torture in Guantanamo.

I'm all for standards. But to the point we can't rust the FBI to go into a store, and come out with making a lawful purchase, kind of makes me wonder.

Who are these arrogant assholes in the FBI to parade themselves before Congress, suggesting that they need to be trusted with private documents?

We can't even trust these guys to pay for stuff you and I have to purchase.

I say, if they want to live in a country where they can steal stuff without getting caught or seize records despite the constitution saying otherwise, let them move to Iraq.

The United States needs to get cleaned up. The FBI cess pool needs to be drained and started over.

Yes, all over a 36-cent piece of wire. It's time to draw the line. Enough is enough. WE can't trust them with little things. Why should we trust them with something more complicated like preserving the constitution?

In face, we can't trust them. That's why they want a green light to violate more constitutionally protected rights.

But those rights, once they are in the bill of rights, cannot be signed away with an Act of congress. It's unconstitutional.

FBI agents, like interrogators, are not to be trusted.

I hope that American military commanders are watching closely what is going on. It is time to think about an appropriate time to make your voices heard.

The FBI is not our friend. Their agents will violate the law, not follow procedures, and make up excuses.

The last thing we need t do is give them more power with less oversight.

This agent can't be trusted to pay for a 36-cent wire. Clearly, something is wrong in the FBI. And they're the last people we should trust with giving up our Bill of Rights.

FBI interrogators, JTTF, and AlQueda can all be lumped into the same bad barrel: People who are not to be trusted to follow the rules, protect the constitution, or do what is right when others aren't looking.

Let's let the FBI and AlQueda enter a giant collesium, let them fight it out, and then we can throw the winners in jail. It will be alot more fun. And sporting. Something which FBI agents would really love to be involved in.

I know one that has some wire to tie himself to he lion cages. And don't hide the children, this could be really neat to watch!

This agent needs to be made an example of, and given absolutely no sympathy.