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Monday, May 23, 2005

FBI MAOP: Agents face fitness for duty examinations

Only squirt gun qualified?

The state unable to defend what is indefensible. Look at the FBI's own record. Fitness for duty:

  • Why do they stay in their broom closet;

  • Why not buy their own speaker phone;

  • How many US troops assigned to JTTF during Operation Falcon?

    Why does DoJ OPR not look into the matters?

    Consider the Kleiman case from DHS. To what end will people go to silence those speaking out about misconduct?

  • JTTF committed torture in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and Afghanistan;

  • Threatening ACLU with more investigations and surveillance to dissuade lawsuits; and

  • How many of the AlQueda were made up [the 10,000 number was baloney]

    The evidence is there: MI6 confirms many knew about the problems, but the threats of the bogey man continued.

    Don't ask the world to believe your non-sense, especially when you lie in the courts, fabricate evidence, and do much to avoid consequences for misconduct.

    How many more people do the Americans plan to threaten into silence like Newsweek; make accusations about made up problems; and silence those who dare challenge that which is unconstitutional and unlawful . . .

    Simply because you refuse to regulate your own conduct?