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Sunday, May 22, 2005

War Crimes: US leadership culpability for Afghan Atrocities

A nation which fails to discipline its leadership for war crimes loses sovereignty.

American government officials have done what the Russian Army was unable to do: Subdue Afghanistan.

But we now realize that the Americans did so in a manner that was brutal. Today, despite the war being long over, the Americans continue to brutalize the innocent and victim.

The President was told by the ICRC and medical doctors saw the abuse. There are concerns that the American leadership not only was aware, but actively involved in the decision to commit torture.

Attorney General Gonzalez and Secretary Rumsfeld both reviewed memos approving torture. The Secretary also sent military officers to investigate the complaints.

And military personnel were transferred from Guantanamo, to Afghanistan, then to Abu Ghraib.

We should not be surprised why the events occurred. Yet, despite their training, the Americans were foolish enough to document their abuses.

These photographs are now part of the record. Personnel have been convicted. The damage done.

But what is more telling is what is not being done in the wake of the war crimes. Americans are not holding their leaders to account.

One argument the United States gave for not signing the ICC was that there was no jury system. The thinking goes that if America were to submit their troops to ICC jurisdiction, they would be treated unfairly.

However, the truth is far more absurd. America's jury system is easily manipulated. The Juries are led around like a chained elephant by the prosecutors hoping to use the grand jury system as a political tool.

America must show that it holds its leadership accountable. Indeed, the American "jury" system for the President is his own party in the House Judiciary Committee.

They are not loyal to the rule of law; they are loyal to their president. Despite the unconstitutional Patriot Act, the House with the Senate voted to take away the rights of Americans.

America is a lawless land. It's citizenry daily abused by law enforcement misconduct and outrageous barbarism. Law enforcement brazenly lies to victims and to the court, yet nothing is done.

America cannot credibly argue that it holds its own to account. Those who signed the memos authorizing torture have not been held to account.

All that's been done is to hold those who committed the unlawful acts to account; but the orders were clear, the tone was set.

America has much explaining to do. Why were the doctors in attendance of those Afghan prisoners not doing something to warn the leadership about the torture?

Indeed, where there were duties to inform, there was silence. Just as the FBI agents in Guantanamo failed to inform the Senate Intelligence committee of the NAVY IG abuse and misconduct information.

Americans, if they fail to hold their own accountable, collectively can be called to account before the UN. If America chooses to shut down the debate at the UN just as it hopes to shut down discussion by outlawing a filibuster, then America should not be surprised why there is more scorn.

America talks about democracy. That means debate and discussion. America's perverse idea of democracy is to shut down debate, fabricate evidence, and threaten the witnesses.

That is not democracy. That is tyranny. And more of what the Afghans have seen under the Taliban and the Russians.

It is time for Americans to hold their leadership accountable. Either they must impeach the president for war crimes; or he must be forced to resign.

On the Present course, if America refuses to submit to international law and norms, others will see this as a green light to reciprocate. Remember, 9-11 happened because some were upset. Now many are upset.

The law of the land and constitution are there as guides. They are lessons learned. Use them wisely to monitor and discipline your leaders. Otherwise, do not be surprised when others from without step in and act where Americans fell down and refused to exercise "self-governance."

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