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Sunday, May 22, 2005

American Imperialism: Afghan President cautions Americans against a mindless crusade

The Afghan President was received well and his remarks gave many pause to think.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai spoke at the Boston University commencement ceremonies, warning "national interests" cannot be an excuse to justify war crimes and no accountability.

The President also expressed his outrage to the White House over a 2,000 page American Army investigation detailing torture committed against the Afghan people.

Mr. Karzai was received well and his remarks send a signal that America no longer has the blind support of those they torment.

President Karzai was concerned that the United States was using a number of excuses to avoid accountability for misconduct not only in Afghanistan, but in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and at home.

A nation that hopes to bring peace will not have support of those they oppress and abuse.

President Karzai is concerned that the United States seems to have embraced some sort of warped sense of self-entitlement, as if embracing some perverse religion.

Yet saying war crimes can be "justified" on the basis of "national interests" is merely verbal armor and an illusion.

America may be a superpower and choose to remain outside the ICC. But it can be held to account. Either on the battle field, or at home.

It is up to the American citizens and the States to check the unjust use of power. The States do have the right to call a constitutional convention to put constraints on the Federal Government.

When America chooses to meddle in the affairs of other nations, but does so only after neglecting the abuses it has inflicted or allowed to happen, no nation can rightfully claim it is acting in anyone's interests.

"National interests" is not to be confused with self-preservation, nor a pretext to ignore problems, then show up with stick to abuse the vulnerable.

The United States has overstayed its welcome in Afghanistan. It is time to US government work with President Karzai to expedite the American withdrawal.

To overstay one's welcome is not simply impolite, it is becoming a public nuisance and catalyst for public outrage.

The recent riots in Afghanistan occurred near when the Newsweek republished a retraction over desecrating the Abuse. However, the Chief of Staff of the American Joint Chiefs confirms that the demonstrations were wholly unrelated to the Newsweek article, and were actually prompted by public outrage over the American abuses.

America prides itself on a constitution. But it seems to ignore it. America likes to talk about the rule of law. But it violates it.

Afghans are subjected to home searches without warrants. Indeed, this is a practice that is all too common in the United States. Even during the Operation Falcon, US military personnel were disguised as DOJ JTTF.

The Patriot Act hopes to permit JTTF to invade American homes. Americans should look closely at what happened in Afghanistan: Abuses, torture, and mischief.

These unlawful violations of human rights should reasonably be expected to occur in America's households under the new Patriot Act.

America may have entered Afghanistan with right objectives. But America is now becoming part of the problem, a source of tension, and an unwelcome guest.

President Karzai would hope see that once the crisis ended many months ago, it was time for power to revert back to the Afghan people. It is time that Afghanistan have control over their own borders.

America came to help. But a gift of freedom is not contingent upon blind obedience. The Americans cannot require those they liberate to then become their shop servants.

America may have liberated Europe and Afghanistan, but it does not let those nations truly make their own decisions.

America has overstayed its welcome. And this week, in the wake of the public discussion of American torture and Koran desecration, there are new calls for a second round of 9-11 attacks.

America has brought this on itself. The Attorney General Gonzalez knew the laws of war, yet signed memos authorizing torture.

Yet, this abuse did not happen in isolation. Many doctors saw these prisoners, but said nothing.

The American military was informed of the abuses through the International Committee for the Red Cross. America's leaders were in a position to know, but did nothing.

The abuses in Afghanistan are directly linked to White House policies, inaction, direction, and failure to supervise. The American president and Secretary of Defense failed to act in a timely manner.

Once the Americans leave Afghanistan, it is time that the American people hold the leaders to account for the lies used to invade Iraq; and the misconduct "justified" on the basis of "national interests."

If America will not discipline its own or remain a civil neighbor, then the next step is to discuss ways the UN can be injected into the dialog to bring the United States in conformance with international laws.

Unfortunately, the United States has already shown it will electronically serveill the UN leadership and threaten those who dare oppose unjust acts.

It is noteworthy that the United states now finds itself isolated at the very time the Americans would have the world believe that Osama bin Ladin is on the run.

America has a fine intelligence system. It simply needs to mobilize those assets to provide reliable information; indeed, the information is there. All that America's leaders need to do is listen and realize:

  • America is not seen as responsive

  • The world views America as a bully

  • The only way to get America to do 'the right thing' is to gang up on America.

    The world has already promised another 9-11. We should not be surprised when that next attack comes.

    It is a shame that America did not simply turn the other cheek after 9-11. But America chose otherwise: To inflict on the innocent suffering far more horrific than is justified on the basis of 9-11.

    America has overstayed its welcome. It is time to act like a good neighbor, go home, and put your own home in order. Guests are on the way and they show little inclination of leaving early.