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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Adverse ruling: American fraud to cover-up war crimes

America continues to coverup evidence of war crimes. Many are engaged in the coverup.

US pattern of cursory investigations

The President promises a "full" investigation into the Saddam photos; and the abuses in Afghanistan.

Don't believe him.

Look at how the United States looked into the Oklahoma City bombing. The FBI refused to turn over evidence despite the MAOP requirement to retain evidence; and the labs which review evidence have a track record of problems.

So too should there be no confidence that JTTF will respond to litigation.

It is fitting that there be a careful review of the FBI merit promotion system outlined in the MAOP. How can we rationalize:

  • Promoting agents who do not know the rules of evidence;

  • Promising to reform, but doing nothing to demonstrate responsiveness;

  • Continuing to hide information in the FBI I-drive;

  • Fabricating excuses to harass and intimidate people;

  • Misleading the Congress over what the FBI knew at Guantanamo;

  • Lying in court under oath about misconduct and fabricating evidence . . .

  • US Attorneys are now jumping ship.

    In the audit world, management turnover and resignations warrants an increase in audit scope per Statement on Accounting Standard 99.

    Yet, what excuses does the FBI give to avoid this needed oversight? "We're at war with AlQueda" -- the FBI already admits it can't find them and the 10,000 number is a fantasy.

    The oversight of the FBI is worthless. DoJ and the FBI have more than a public relations problem. This is a leadership problem. One that rests on Gonzalez lap; one which he materially contributed to by "legalizing" torture with those memos; and something the President continues to endorse by giving more of what Tony Blair does: Worthless promises to listen, investigate and "do something," all the while nothing changes.

    It is time to prepare to do what was done during the Morgan Stanley litigation: Assume the FBI, DOJ, and US government will not investigate; that they will destroy and not turn over evidence of war crimes.

    There is no reason to believe the FBI will turn over evidence about domestic surveillance: These acts violate the constitution.

    In short, it is appropriate to assume the US not only committed the war crimes, but is not committing crimes of fraud to deny a full accounting for what happens.

    There is no reason to trust Americans. They continue to obey a tyrant. Now they assent to a cover-up of war crimes.

    America is dangerous. Not to be trusted. Unreliable, and a threat not only to itself but to its neighbors.

    America is not being a nice neighbor. Nor a civil nation among a family of nations.