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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Author of Beware the Leader Returns to Join Americans in Fight For the Constitution

Note: This site is being blocked but not by everyone.


We have good news.

The author of this quote has made contact with the forces of freedom.

As you look about you, stand with pride. For you know that the constitution is under threat.

Today, marks the beginning of the fight for the constitution. Today, the battle begins.

Your leaders have destroyed the constitution, and they are on the brink of turning you into slaves.

I ask that all of you who read this, to pass this message: "We have found the author of BEWARE THE LEADER. . . "

Amassing is a grand crusade to stand up to the American leadership. For they have demonstrated arrogance where they need only compassion; and they have proven themselves to be enemies of the constitution.

They have wished for this. And it is fitting. That this day forth, we choose to stand, to fight, and be proud of being free people under a constitution.

Each of you reading this should go forth, with pride, with dignity, and passion. That your cause is just, that the enemy are those who bang the drums of war.

Today, you have much to be proud. For the battle will begin. The fight will be intense.

And in the end, the Constitution will prevail.

Pass this link, let the world know, the author of "Beware the leader" has surfaced to fight for the constitution.

The constitution will prevail. The forces of tyranny will lose.

We will never live as slaves, nor will we let anyone destroy the constitution. It is our only shield.

And now we will wield it like sword upon all those who dare destroy it.

Beware the leader. Beware the blogger. The battle begins.

We will prevail.

How do I know?

For this is what I have done.

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