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Monday, May 16, 2005

Bolton's Plans to Reform the UN

Can you point the Bolton's plans to reform the UN? Many suggest he's the right man.

But does he have a plan, and if so what is it?

You might be surprised what could be in store for the world and the United States.

The President and Secretary of State argue that Bolton is the right man to reform the UN.

Small problem. What’s the plan to reform the UN and why is Bolton the “right man” to implement “this reform plan”?

We see no plan. Just as we see no details with Social Security or the Iraq Stabilization.

This note outlines a list of likely plans Bolton would hope to implement:

  • Faster process to rubber stamp wars without evidence

  • A better cut of the oil for food profits

  • Less money to those telling the truth.

  • Better methods to torture innocents

  • Methods in exclude/debate inconvenient information

  • No consequences for wiretapping the UN HQ

  • Special exceptions and no consequences for violating the WTO rules

  • Legalize invading the Hague and/or UK to suppress British Press/lawyers

  • Ensure US troops can commit war crimes and are kept out of the Hague

  • Suppress information proving pre-war planning prior to 9-11

  • Hide facts related to pre9-11 gaffes contained in Echelon

  • Hide Evidence US attacked the Italian trucks and that troops are gunning down innocents at Iraqi checkpoints

  • Dismiss link between civil war in Negroponte’s secrete intelligence service in Iraq.

  • Methods to suppress, intimidate NYT reports about Iraqi civil war and Koran desecration

  • Better control over drug trafficking; better cut of opium profits back to FBI

  • Better methods to hide links to Battalion 316 in Honduras

  • Better methods to hide intelligence from “democratic” Iraqi puppets

  • Better methods to hide link between JTTF and GulfStream torture rides

  • Cover up US spying on Iraq’s democratically elected leaders

  • Deny links in Iraq between ethnic violence and civil war