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Friday, May 13, 2005

Where's your XBOX promo spoof?

You've seen the the promo for XBOX 360.

Spoof-scripts in development:

A small human runs up to a giant ant; and all the ants play the role of the people shown in the XBOX. Then the XBOX Creator morphs into a giant ant. It's not a dream. They've taken over. ... Morphs into War of the World promo.

The bald guy becomes an even larger celebrity, getting featured as Bruce Willis' alter ego. Both battle it out, then a giant ant spying the duo through a microscope breaks wind. Director yells, "Cut" and Giant ant turns out to be Conan O'Brien for a late night promo.

SNL features an XBOX-360 ad-like-spot, showing how Bush's brain was put together by Texas termites. "Cut." Words: "This is not a joke"-scrolls across the screen. Cut to Bush 41, "I think it's a little generous, don't you think?" Babs replies, "More like tadpole not termite." Laura quips, "His worm isn't that bi. . . " [Cut]