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Friday, May 13, 2005

AlQueda in American Military and Law Enforcement

DoJ refuses to say how many US personnel are smuggling drugs, but 55 have been indicted, plead guilty, or have admitted guilt. FBI Agent Brian Filbert heads the Southern Arizona Corruption Task Force in Tucson.

Volunteers, not the American government, secure America's borders.

ABC news reveals that drug runners have infected the nation's military and law enforcement.

American military personnel have been linked to the drug running. The White House refuses to admit that AlQueda has recruited American military personnel and others entrusted to defend the American constitution.

Andre Hollis, a former senior counternarcotics official under Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, "The linkage between terrorists and drug trafficking are only now becoming clear and are a great concern."Ref

Before the Senate Judiciary Committee Gonzalez pointed to those involved in drug running along the border as being part of "terror cells."
"We stopped two shipments," said the official. "How many have gotten through? How much money are they getting from this? We don't know. But we think it's the tip of the iceberg."Ref
Attorney General Gonzalez all but admitted that the Patriot Act monitors FBI agents, law enforcement and military personnel.

Al-Qaeda was linked to drug running in the Straight of Hormuz, US Central Command boasting, "There were 'clear ties' between the shipment and al-Qaeda."

As soon as drugs were mentioned, BBC reported that "this was a smuggling operation designed to help finance the al-Qaeda network."

The Washington Post reported the link between drug running and AlQaeda.
"[Bin Ladin] has allies and associates who are not members per se, but who move products for him and take drugs and buy arms and give the arms to al Qaeda."
The Pentagon remains mysteriously quiet about the al-Qaeda within its own ranks. On one hand there are "clear ties" between drugs and al-Qaeda, but the next day those "clear ties" are not there. Why the sudden reversal, DoD?

BBC also pointed to the problem of drug money funding both AlQueda and an opponents of the UN. Quoting one UN official
"[Militants] are able to survive on... credit card fraud, petty crime, and drug money" -- Michael Chandler, UN
When someone signs away their rights to become and FBI agent or join the military, they give up their freedoms. And all tools will be used to intrude on their private lives.

Americans asserted there was "clear link" between drugs and AlQueda. Their own military forces and law enforcement were caught smuggling drugs.

America's law enforcement and military are now known for what they are: Drug running militants, inseparable from Al-Qaeda.

America continues to approach a legitimacy crisis: What to do when AlQuada rears its head in the White House?

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