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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Nanos personnel records: Identifying information for subpoenas

Are you looking for hard to find information:

  • Nanos' personnel files?

  • ID of the femaile LANL security officer who was gleeful over Todd's death?You've come to the right place!

    There are many locations where the data was originally archived, and could be retrieved through Certified Fraud Examiners [CFE].

    Perhaps you are on one of the IG teams, Congressional staffs, or Department criminal investigation staff looking for specific vectoring to source documents and evidence for an empaneled grand jury.

    Although command may direct the information get wiped out, destroyed, there are back-up tapes outside the American's control at remote/unexpected warehousing-storage locations. Some of the back-up are in the normal off-site storage area; others are overseas.

    This note outlines for private investigators, litigators, or private counsel the three specific locations where Nanos' personnel records once existed.

    Location 1: NAVY [May 1998-AUG 2002]

    The primary identifiers are NAVSEA

    Other variations include: Navy Strategic Systems Programs

    Location 2: DOE [Aug 2002-May 2005]

    This IT-support facility is run by Boeing.

    One mailing address is:
    Richland Ops. Office
    c/o Boeing Computer Services 2420
    Stevens Richland, WA 99352
    The platform serial number to place on the subpoena is 5015116DWTE

    These are the terms and contractors associated with this facility. The entry-exit logs for this facility will identify the specific named-individuals who can provide information on when equipment was installed, which personnel had access to the facility, and if/when personnel may have destroyed files.

    Location 3: DTRA [May 2005 forward]

    This is where Nanos is currently assigned. See section 4 for the DTRA file-codes.

    There are two external sources [among many] that are outside direct physical control of DTRA:

    A. SAIC has the SETA Contract.

    B. Also, NG and Logicon provide management support to DTRA.

    These are but two of many contractors whose records could be subpoenaed to introduce ongoing pattern of conduct, discussions, or other admissible evidence.

    Also, these are the codes for data intercepts.

    For the DoD IG reports, the DTRA reference code you'll need for a FOIA and discovery is in HDTRA011, subject to limitations in DoD ยง318.15 Rules.


    Personnel records are also maintained at the normal archiving location for military retirees.

    Of interest

    Contrast this article with [a] performance at LANL and [b] the DTRA GAO report, in terms of:

  • Responsiveness

  • Issues

  • Complexity

  • Coordination requirements