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Thursday, May 05, 2005

DoJ's continuing public relations problem

Thinking of joining the FBI?If you're wondering what it's like, you'll be joining an organization that has plummeting public esteem and flawed management practices.

Kind of like joining Enron just before Ken Lay sold out.

DoJ can't convince people to endure the abusive, incompetent management practices. They're short personnel. Can't retain the good ones.

Yet, DoJ's had this many years after 9-11 to get it right. There are some very good reason to shut down the FBI.

Operation Falcon was a PR stunt. To get attention. To rally the troops. And get free publicity.

Why? They have a huge manning problem.

But put those DoJ-flawed-management-systems aside for the moment.

More important, if DoJ has a manning problem, where did they get the people for Operation Falcon?

To pick up the slack during Operation Falcon, US troops appear to have been deployed in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

  • Is the country going to let DoJ waggle in the wind like Nanos has done at LANL?

  • Is LANL's Nanos running DoJ as well?

  • Will DoJ draft prisoners to protect us from ghosts -- who better to inflict terror and torture than prisoners who have suffered at the hands of abuse guards?

  • Has DoJ run out of naive American to torture stateside?

    Most of the white collar crime is related to FBI agents. They have paid informants that are given green lights to commit crimes.

    The agents also ignore many early indicators of white collar crime, going so far as to threaten informants if they dare to hold FBI accountable for inaction.

  • Why collect information that isn't used?

  • Why ignore the informants?

    FBI also knows there is no 10,000-AlQueda number. But they still threaten immigrants in order to get information, that they can't' access in the FBI I-Drive, FBI agents lied to the prosecutors, evidence was no provided as required per statute, and no thanks to SAIC.

    They only "trust" information if it is stolen or gleaned through torture.

    FBI cant fill their manning positions. But that's only the start of it. The dregs they do find are...well, dregs.

    When the torture evidence was coming in, FBI on JTTF didn't do anything until it was self evident there were war crimes. Their claims of "shocked" are no different than Casablanca.

    Now for a pop quiz for the stupid-agents-in-training at Quantico.

    Question What's more funny:

  • A. That the FBI can't fill their positions or the actual requirements [the two are not the same]
  • B. America is at war and cannot find quality people to fight it
  • C. The FBI agents that they do get are idiots
  • D. The analysts that do show up are subjected to abuse and ignored
  • E. Agents don't know the rules of evidence
  • F. All of the above

    What's going to solve this problem: Writing a few letters, visiting with staffers, and raising concerns. Is this what reform is about?

    No, its the DC maze to create the illusion of responsive government. It's actually designed to do the opposite: That which is most absurd is most likely to get implemented.

    Are the ones still in DoJ martyrs or too stupid to realize they ship is underwater?

    Look around. They're waiting for an answer.

    Oh, and those smiling people who see on the DoJ recruiting posters?

    Those aren't anything like the people you'll actually be working with. Those people in the photos are actors. The faces were carefully selected to bait you to believe a lie.

    DoJ is a cess pool. Don't take the bait. You have better things to do with your life than let them ignore you. Ask Sibel.

    To read more about others who can see through the DoJ propaganda, won't you join for ?

    Be sure to tell them you read it on Constant's blog. Then tell them to kiss your ass.