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Monday, May 02, 2005

US Travel advisory: Law enforcement erecting roadblocks and barricades to gather intelligence from non-criminals

Did you hear about the policeman who met the pretty girl? Yes, the net is snaring innocent people. Ref [Safety Stops Draw Doubts: D.C. Police Gather Nonviolators' Data. Allan Lengel. Washington Post. Monday, May 2, 2005; B01]

Law enforcement makes up stories to justify the unconstitutional/pretextual stops. Come to find out, the stories are made up and are illusory.

Officers are stopping individuals without probable cause. When they find no evidence, they make up stories/lie to "justify" the stop.

Travel advisory and warning for summer tourists traveling to the US

If you are traveling in the United States you may be stopped and told a lie. Law enforcement is doing this to gather intelligence. If you refuse, you could be arrested; and the officers are not unknown to trump up charges, falsify statements, to "justify the stops.

This is what you might hear at one of the barricades set up:

  • That there was some emergency. However, why are they asking for "cooperation" if there was an emergency?

  • Implying that some distant event or obstruction raised their concern. OK, why aren't they going over there to investigate?

  • There was some abandoned property. Why aren't they investigating the property?

    The problem with all of these reasons is that there is no bonafide emergency. Rather, law enforcement is abusing their authority to gather information.

    Officer statements to threaten the public into compliance

    If citizens exercise their rights to silence, or know that there is no probable cause and choose to remain silent, officers are doing the following:

  • Accusing the public of being in trouble with the law. "Why aren't you telling me your name -- are you in trouble with the law?"

  • Offering to help them, then using this "assistance" as a bargain to justify "helping them out". "I didn't have to stop to assist; you need to be more cooperative."

  • Promising future assistance [that is required per their job] as an inducement for the public giving up their right to privacy. "If you help us out with this information, we'll be more likely to help you out in the future."

  • Threatening non-criminals [unrelated to criminal activity] with detention and handcuffing. "If you don't give me your name, I'm going to cuff you and detain you."

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    Things to discuss with your attorney in re your options and getting ready for the barricades. There have been lawsuits against FBI for pretextual stops and illegal searches on anyone, even immigrants and tourists.

    This conduct raises substantial doubts about the claims the US is standing for freedom in Iraq. If the US cannot follow the constitution at home, why should anyone believe the US is hoping to create anything but the same abroad: Another police state?

    DoJ, after acknowledging there are no AlQueda in the US is now looking for excuses to harass the public. Reports of surveillance at peaceful demonstrations and falsifying video evidence in contravention to the rules of evidence, raising questions about the integrity of the Manhattan DA.

    It is curious that despite management problems with the FBI I-drive, law enforcement still want to collect non-criminal information. US law enforcement uses private contractors to store the fruits of these illegal detentions.

    Despite these databases, they do make errors, but the courts still let them keep the fruits of these "errors" if the errors are "honest". [Huh? They lied to get the warrant and the stop, so why would the fruit of the search be related to an honest error?]

    DoJ may have violated the Posse Comitatus Act in using military personnel during Operation Falcon. FBI is also using third/non-US nations to gather your websurfing and posting information.

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