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Thursday, December 30, 2004

FBI domestic surveillance: JTTF being sued because law enforcement engaged in unlawful intelligence gathering

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Ref Well, let's finally admit what's been going on. JTTF used 9-11 to expand its powers, collect intelligence on innocent civilians, and then use that to intimidate people to become informants.

  • How many public citizens were arrested and taken to court on trumped up charges as retribution for standing up to the absurdities in government?

  • How many innocent people were targeted in manner that resembles that which we allegedly fought to defeat in Nazi Germany?

    Hay, we're getting to close to the truth. We need another diversion. How about Iran.

    Oh, how are all you officers in JTTF enjoying your enlistment in Iraq? That kind of sucks: There you were, in your cushy state-side job, getting a check for doing nothing as a bailiff.

    Then, you get activated. There you are. In Iraq. 58 years old. Thought you'd be able to enjoy your retirement.

    Ha! You really planned wrong on that one. Meanwhile, back home your wives are getting lonely. Or are they just your girlfriend now?

    Sorry about that "Dear John" e-mail. Kind of sucks to find out via blog that your ex has an attorney.