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Thursday, December 30, 2004

DoJ: No time prior to 9-11, can't translate terror info, but has time to investigate Boy Scouts

Convoluted priorities. Convoluted agents. DoJ's priorities are upside down. Prior to 9-11, they claimed they didn't have enough resources. Backlogs of translations.

Today, they claim they have higher priorities, can't bother dealing with specific threat information against individuals, blah-blah.

But where did they suddenly find it "within their mission statement" to go after the Boy Scouts?

Come on, DoJ! Why the inconsistencies? One day you're too busy to bother with really important things, the next you're worried about minor things like Boy Scout membership.

Before, I thought they were just morons. Now, there is no doubt. DoJ is run by idiots and there is a definite leadership problem.