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Thursday, December 30, 2004

DoJ' case management system is botched, won't work

What to prepare for, just in case you are illegally stopped. Ref You'd think that all this post 9-11 attention on DoJ would mean that there's be some real experts in place to get things solved.

But, the resignation from DHS should have been a clue that not all was well in the government's IT-objectives.

Now, DoJ's joined the "we can't do it with IT"=crowd.

Let's run down the contract-review checklists, shall we? Who was actually "in charge" of this software-development program; and why this late in the game to figure out "it wasn't working"?

Surely, there were some mid-term milestones and demonstrations to show that the concept was actually viable.

Yet, all this money spent, and what do we have to show for it? Just another botched program. "Hay, not to worry...we'll just hire some unemployed IT-workers and create the illusion of making progress post 9-11."

Where's the follow-up to see how this "result" compares with "what was told to the 9-11 commission"? Surely, we aren't going to be asked to ignore the "wonderful glowing news" that was conditioned upon this system actually working.

Nope, don't count on DoJ or the public to bother following up. Just throw more money tat the problem. Not enough to do it right, but plenty of time to do it over.

How many more attempts going to have? Let's see, computers have been around since the 1950s, and in 2004 DoJ is having problems managing their cases.

That's impressive! So much for the paperless office--there is no office, just paper to document the system that doesn't work as planned.

There should be no surprise why the FBI can't find out what's in the I-drive--nobody can create a system that actually works. The same people who "can't create a new system" are the ones who "can't find the data".

Is DoJ actually expecting to be given more money despite this disaster? Of course, we all know that DoJ is a valued contributor to ... well, something. Just nothing related to actually documenting their cases.

Hmmm...kind of like a gas station that can't find it's gas. "Hay, we've got a great poster out front, but don't ask us where the important stuff is."

For this disaster, DoJ will be rewarded with even greater budgets, and more plus-ups.

Is anyone actually going to dare take the money from DoJ to pay for the Tsunami disaster relief? Of course, not ... DoJ is too busy chasing "terrorists" in the Alabama Boy Scouts.

So much for national security, lessons learned, and leadership. With this many disasters, DoJ can only blame the messengers.

We await the backlash. In the meantime, which PR-firm is going to get the DoJ account to "beef up" the reputation of an agency whose actions speak volumes at odds with the needed "public impression?"

Hay, there are some great photos from Abu Ghraib. Show the world what "great work" DoJ does to defend America from ... Innocent people.