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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Congress blames bloggers

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Congressional oversight? Not at all.

Congress has gotten into the Nanos-defense game. It all started long ago, when the Cold War ended. No longer was the US willing to spend the money needed to get the job done right.

The years of neglect culminated in 9-11 and continue today.

Yet what was most telling during the recent hearing was who stood up for DoE. Was it the evil DHS or DoJ that came to Nanos' rescue?

Not at all.
QUOTE: Colo. Congresswomen [stet] Diana DeGette was more explicit in placing the blame on the bloggers as representing the "culture of noncompliance." "Management gets it," she said. "I've got the blog right here. Page after page of anonymous people complaining like high school students. Gee, I don't like Nanos I wish he would go to hell."ENDQUOTE
I recently read a similarly well-articulated position.

Let us recall how the last group of high school students were treated: Allegations of civil rights violations ignored at Harvard Westlake; students concerns at Columbine ignored.

Yet, let us recall the fine lady's own words, shall we?

DeGette Conveniently Contradicts Herself

Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., said whistleblowers at DOE are often punished with actions that lead to "stagnant or destroyed careers; lost jobs; lost pay and benefits; unending legal proceedings and unrecompensed legal fees; continued retaliation and emotional stress." "DOE and its contractors have been beating down the whistleblowers ... and no one wants a whistleblower around because they might tell the truth and embarrass everyone," DeGette said at the hearing.

DeGette maintained that DOE should praise whistleblowers for their courage and commitment to safety. Instead, she said, DOE "can just bleed these poor individuals dry. As are as we've seen, DOE takes no steps to protect whistleblowers."Ref

It would appear that Congress has joined DoE in the bloodletting.

It is curious what the Congresswoman says of the blog-comments. As if they were some high school-level remark.

Yet, what is the catalyst for action in the Federal Government?

When it actually comes to holding the Federal Government accountable, who do we turn to?

Again, the Congresswoman's own legacy and great State of Colorado is where we turn for the answer. Colorado's High School Honor Student-Ace Investigative Reporter David McSwane. Mr McSwane distinguished himself by singlehandedly exposing the corruption with the Federal Government.

Congresswoman DeGette, where was the Congress?

While Congress slept, a "lowly high school student" rose above the political chatter and revealed with admissible evidence what was going on. Are we to dismiss this evidence soley because it is from someone in High School? Such are in contravention to the rules of evidence.

For the purposes of history, let us recall from your days in Colorado a time when you did rely on the rules of evidence: : HOUSE BILL 96-1367, to which you were a cosponsor.

Note at the bottom, where you and your fellow distinguished legislators relied on the "rules of evidence":

Is it not curious, that the Congresswoman has on two occasions within a single statement contradicted herself, and also asked that information be excluded because it is from a high school student, all the while the same standard of evidence is good enough to rely on.

Why the inconsistency, Congresswoman? And why are you doubling back on what you said in 2000 in re DOE whistleblowers?

"Oh, everything is just fine." What basis is this assertion made, some divine wisdom to which you, alone are afforded by almighty God?

I see no evidence that you have a superior communication channel with the Almighty.

Yet, the connection between Nanos, DHS, and DeGette doesn't stop there. Guess who just hired someone from DHS? That's right DeGette's number one political contributor: Brownstein Hyatt & Farber.

Does former Department of Homeland Security Director C. Suzanne "Sue" Mencer have some political pull back and DHS that might get Nanos a job, if "only this whole matter would just go away?"

Let us recall the lovely shell game which occurred between DoD and Boeing. It would be problematic if the legal community were using political influence from former government officials to put pressure on bloggers.

Remember, the funds have already been transferred. The data exists. It it is outside the American's control. Contained in datasets in Echelon and GCHQ. Ms. Gunn can let you know how this information is collected, where it is stored, and how to get access to the recorded phone conversations orchestrating the personnel moves, funds transfers, and plans to silence those who dare use their minds.

Congratulations, Congresswoman DeGette, you walked right into this.

But had you been carefully reading the blog, you would've already known that the world knew there were links between law firms, personnel moves, and unfolding litigation. We incorporate by reference:

The Bloggers Already Knew

Ref: Quoting

Also on the board are significant law firms which contributed significant funds through the current DHS Secretary Chertoff to the Bush Administration.

DOE also has interests in the matter. It remains to be understood how many of the board members are linked directly or indirectly through law firms which directly support the oil drilling business; or what role, if any, principals had in the Cheney Energy Commission.

You were given fair warning, but decided to call the bluff. Oh, and there's alot more.

Indeed, the very "leadership" which needs to get to bottom of things has done a typical DC-180-turn.

What was DC's response to Sibel Edmonds when she spoke out about the abuses in DoJ? Throw the attention onto those who dare speak.

That's not leadership. It's more of the same DC-speak which precipitated 9-11.

In fact, it is because of the failed leadership in Congress that DoJ continues to drift. DoJ has a manning problem.

If we live in Congresswoman DeGette's universe, that's the blogger's problem.

DoD has a security problem. In Congresswoman Degette's universe, that's the fault of the bloggers.

In fact, all problems can be blamed on bloggers. Why? Because bloggers dare speak. While Congress dares prattle.

Clearly Congresswoman DeGette didn't read this list of questions. If the Congresswoman has the time to read a blog full of "whiny" comments [which is another matter, they're not], then obviously her staff has the time to read something containing more substance.

We eagerly await her response:

  • Will the Committee dare ask any of the questions posted on the blog?

  • Will Congressman DeGette actually read the contents of the blog?

  • Why so quick to blame the messenger at a time when the messenger is the only catalyst for Congressional oversight?

    Congresswoman's own remarks highlight the leadership failure in Congress.

    "I think it goes deep into the institutional ethos at Los Alamos and I'm not sure what we do about it and I'm not sure any of you do, either," Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., told a panel of government officials. Ref
    While the Committee points fingers, what about the simple questions already available on the blog?

    Is there no effort underway by the expert leadership on the Congressional committees to inject their wise counsel, to go into the reserve banks to draw upon the vast corporate knowledge of the PhDs, and simply make a decision:

  • This is where we are;

  • This is where we need to go:

  • This is what needs to be done;

  • And we will do so in a manner that brings great credit upon the Lab, its well known accomplishment?

    Congresswoman, given you admitted you read the blog, where was the leadership in giving prudent guidance to those who have no plan, need guidance, and are self-evidently incapable of solving this mess?

    Surely if the problem is so "beyond solution of those experts that appeared before you," how could anyone suggest that the bloggers are whining. By your own statements, you've confirmed the validity of the bloggers' concerns: There remains a leadership problem, no plan, and no plan to get a plan.

    Congratulations DC, you exceeded my expectations. I was expecting you to take quite a while to show your true colors.

    The nation can soundly sleep, knowing the failed management practices which prompted UC to remove Nanos are thriving in the halls of Congress.

    Beware of bloggers!

    Yet, is it not curious that such a fine lady as Congresswoman DeGette would so quickly stand upon the bloggers as the cause of all problems. Surely, DC has not stooped to such a level as to require the world to stay lock step in the 1700s, where a free citizenry was required to bow down to the non-sense in a building far away.

    For if this nation is truly about freedom of expression as enshrined in the Constitution, why is there so much lament at the messenger, and not simple answers to some straight forward questions?

    Recall the days with a similar nexus: When some small, quaint lamentations drifted across the pen. A nation arose from that struggle.

    So too, in this battle shall there be an awakening. A spirit is now alive.

    People are now no longer afraid to speak. From the closets they will come. To speak out. What is on their mind. What they notice. And what they dare believe is worthy of support.

    We shall not dare to second guess the fine souls who dare stand up to tyrants and bullies. For their cause is self-evidently just.

    But at the moment a free people dare expect of their leadership -- something called accountability, performance, and results -- where is it?

    Suddenly, reasonably expecting a "standard of excellence" is whiny. How quaint. And to think I was talking of Paris Hilton.

    Paris has a plan. Does America?

    So it is of a curious surprise that as the Nanos Regime ebbs then recedes to the low mark, we find within the halls of Congress those who lament that the free people actually exercise freedom.

    And that they reasonably expect results, not handwaving.

    If there are valid questions, then a reasonable person would reasonably expect straight answers. But we see none.

    Just as there were no answers about WMD or "what really happened with 9-11," so too are we given the platitude of "they're just whining."

    It is not longer frustrating to hear such a chorus. It is laughable. For it a sign of desperation. Grasping at straws.

    The full leadership failure is now self-evident. Rather than Congress admit its contribution, it blames bloggers.

    Do you require the bloggers to submit their detailed cost proposals, or do you simply plan to ignore them just as you let the e-mail get deleted without reviewing it; without documentation; without ensuring the trends are given their due attention; that the Congressional Correspondence log reasonably reflects the full substance of the concern, options, and mitigation plans?

    Such a standard is not one that a free people need accept. But it remains a standard to which an unreliable government must meet when it demonstrates it is incapable of self-regulation.

    We, a free citizenry, have no requirement to meet some arbitrary standard of performance. More so when you do not meet that standard yourself.

    We still have no plan. We still have no vision. We still have nothing.

    But despite "all that we don't know," our fine leadership knows that the bloggers concerns are not to be given any concern.

  • Just as that undercover reporter's concerns about recruiting abuses were ignored?

  • Just as the students' harassment at Columbine was ignored?

  • Just as the sense of isolation at Red Lake remains ignored?

    Surely, at this juncture reasoned questions could have reasoned answers. Where there is a prudent mind, one might dare to have a prudent discussion and dialog.

    The nation has stood by, carefully reading the travails in the blog, then onto the New York Times.

    Yet, what precipated this inquiry? It was not leadership within the SES. Nor was it something known as accountability.

    Rather, it was simply and grandly that which this nation aspires when it launched the war in Iraq: To fight for freedom.

    The freedom to speak, to think, and to demand accountability of its constitution.

    For this nation does not rest on the foundation of a man or a woman, nor is it an idea, or principle.

    Rather, when someone dares speak their mind, they stand upon their own ground with one shield: The constitution.

    That document to which we swear an oath. No higher calling. A grand document. Something the "whiny" likes of Thomas Jefferson and Hamilton penned their name, under threat of hanging.

    Today, these men and women who dare write are no different. They want the same things.

    Today, as then they stood for principles, freedom, and most of all integrity.

    That curious thing called integrity. How wanting DC finds it of late.

    Integrity. It is not honesty. Nor is it something we aspire. Rather, it is something we already have. It is simply taking action which is consistent with our principles.

    A simple decision no less. Simply choosing to aspire to greatness. Dare to notice what is happening. And knowing that things can be improved.

    Just as Hamilton and Jefferson dreamed of reasonable discourse, so to does a blog dream of the same. A blog simply does what this nation prides itself on doing day in and day out; the calling to which we send our sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, and fellow warriors into battle.

    It is to stand for the Constitution. Against all enemies. Both foreign. And domestic.

    And at this juncture, when the nation continues to meander in a waning sense of confusion, it is this nation that dares listen to a voice.

    A blog. A single whisper. From the land of great ideas. The place where Los Alamos now once again comes into the limelight.

    And rightly so.

    For if there is to be a battle of ideas, where prudent men and women are to exchange ideas and move forward, then a director cannot rely soley on abuse as the means to execute flawed policy.

    Rather, when a free citizenry dares to notice what is self-evident, then those citizens out of self-respect and respect for integrity have a personal duty, and choice to make: To share their ideas, to demand better performance, and dare challenge those who are satisfied with what is at best mediocre, and at worst despicable.

    Are we at the same juncture we were in 1776? Surely not, for we are well past that point.

    The nation has seen from the halls of Congress more egregious malfeasance than occurred under the first King George.

    Today, despite the proven torture in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, this Congress chooses to believe the fiction that it can do no wrong.

    Yet, the ilk and likes of Tom Delay do nothing to inspire our youth. And even our youth know enough to take tape records when discussing substantive issues of national security with recruiters from the United States Marine Corps.

    Is the legacy of a free people one of obedience for that which deserves no respect?

    Why should free people grovel at the hands of those who dare bully our fellow citizens?

    The answer from 1776 was the Constitution. And it is the document and reason we are here. It is about accountable government. One that performs. For the common good.

    The constitution is clear in its purpose. So that we might come together in the common defense and create more together than we could on our own.

    Recall, in the days of the Confederation, that is was the risk of the nation dissolving which prompted calls in the Federalist Papers to demand this nation expect more from a union.

    That is simply what a blog does. It demands what the constitution already fought and won.

    This "battle" that is going on in Congress is about the old days before 1776. The battle has already been won. The nation has already decided that speaking out is not only a right, but a duty of citizens when the see wrong doing.

    But to have an elected official dare insult someone because they dare to exercise their freedoms is all the evidence this nation needs to know how far adrift this Congress has finds itself in the Sea called the 21st Century.

    A nation whose leaders insult those who dare speak of what is self evident are not leaders. They are clutching to something that which no longer exists, but in their own mind.

    This nation already fought the good fight. The decision has already been made. The time to end the bickering about speaking out has long dawned.

    The reason we are here is to improve things. And the existing mechanisms have failed. The existing methods are wanting. And the existing leadership are without care.

    That is not whining. That is called reality.

    And it is the reality of a Congress that chooses to ignore the constitution and pretend that torture is OK is what is driving this Congress to silence the same fuel of free ideas which created this nation.

    There is no distinction.

    If anyone dares to cast the first stone at Doug, then you have attempted to throw the stone at someone whose power, ideas, and inspiration now have touched countless numbers.

    But his actions simply remind us what is in the Constitution, and why this nation exists.

    To stand for improvement. To make a better life. To stand up and do what needs to be done each day. To get things done. And build a better today, so that we might enjoy the blessings of our focus and our free choice.

    We choose to notice because that is at the heart of patriotism, it is at the heart of integrity, and it is what makes the constitution work.

    If Congress chooses to hide form reality, then the constitution is the needed mirror to remind a free citizenry that a nation can and will rise above a despite and emerge stronger.

    So too, we find ourselves at this juncture. Where Congress, in the wake of doing nothing about war crimes until it was self-evident, dares to challenge the principles upon which it derives its power.

    I caution you to recant your statement. For there is no foundation for that argument. Nor will it survive.

    In short, saying such a comment shall simply unleash more free citizens to simply speak of what is self evident.

    That is a choice neither of us can stop. Nor can anyone wish to prevent. For it is when a free citizen inspired by a simple cause that they too will do what needs to be done.

    That time has come. Today, Congress has shown the world that it is at war with the principles which made this country great. That are at the heart of this nation's constitution. And will do everything in its power to hide from reality.

    Such is no different than the failed arguments the first King George stated.

    They shall fail again.


    "The lady protests too much."

    -- Queen Gertrude to Prince Hamlet


    So I ask again, as I have before, what are the answers to these very simple questions?

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