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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Los Alamos Female Security Officer allegedly cheers upon hearing of LANL employee death

Americans are sick people. Abu Ghraib, Guantamamo, and the torture at the US DoJ Prison systems wasn't quite enough for the security detail at Los Alamos.

Sadly, in the wake of a stressful post-employment period, one former Los Alamos employee suffered a heart attack.

Shockingly, one Los Alamos employee was reportedly in the vicinity of the Los Alamos security officer. The specific security contractor has not been named but has been identified as female. She reportedly cheered upon hearing Todd's death.

Todd Kauppila should never have been fired. The classified disk that he supposedly "lost" never actually existed.

Small consolation for a family now without life insurance. Please send your donations to "Todd Kauppila Memorial Fund" at the Los Alamos National Bank Account # 322687-20 [ 32268720 ]. Please be generous.

Effort underway to identify the female security contractor

There are reportedly 400 guards at the facility, under contract with Protection Technology, associated with Day and Zimmerman Group, Inc.

Details on the contract language.

  • Wackenhut: DE-AC04-95 AL97273, Frank K. Martin

  • Wackenhut DE-AC04-94AL 94463, Accelerated Access program

  • Protection Technology contract.

    Curiously, one of the contract objectives if for Wakenhut to "provide the DOE with technical and administrative services in support of the Accelerated Access Authorization Program, to include psychological assessments . . ."

    Is showing callous disregard for the deceased and fellow citizen a sign of a mental disorder? It is curious that perhaps the very contractor is hiring personnel who may allegedly suffer from some sort of strange psychological disorder.

    Surely, those entrusted to protect America's nuclear facilities are not suffering from the same mental problems which Saddam's Bathist regime used as an excuse to justify torture at Abu Ghraib.

    Oh, wait. That was the American's excuse for committing torture on those they "liberated."

    Are the Los Alamos security personnel gleeful because one who dared speak out is not longer with us? Indeed this wouldn't be the first time that Wakenhut employees were engaged in civil rights violations. Note that Wackenhut signed a consent decree in April of 2000 and 2002, which means that if there is continued abuses there could be far stiffer penalties.

    The 2000 abuses were related to unqualified staff. There are many reports of abuses in American prisons.

    The abuse isn't isolated to American scientists at nuclear facilities. Wackenhut has been linked with abuse on immigrants, raising more questions about whether America is an attractive place for tourism, immigration, or higher education.

    America, despite the public outrage over the abuses at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, now sees how ineffective private contractors can be.

    Is it time to turn over TSA to private contractors? Moving management doesn't mean that a security detail is no longer liable for civil rights violations.

    It is more outrageous that the abuses continue without substantive adjustments to the contractors' award fees.

    Next time you see one of the security personnel driving around the LANL parking lot, tell them Constant has a very nice blog about them as well.