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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

AlQueda: Americans making up stories about victory

Americans are desperate for good news. In fact, going so far as to talk about illusions.

This story is bunk.

To suggest the organizations are "increasingly independent" is absurd: They ~always~ were. The Uzbeks and Arabs were never "aligned". There's an illusory fissure in an illusory "alliance". Note the waffling words: "rivalry ~may~ have contributed. . . " indicating the propagandists aren't sure.

To suggest that the "alliance" has conflicts that are getting "exploited" is absurd. AlQueda is already loosely aligned and also includes members of the US military and law enforcement.

If there was any truth the rumor that someone was "giving up information," why nothing on Osama?

"Oh...that's explained by . . . " Get real!

What better way to "confirm" a bogus story than to refuse to comment" "U.S. officials declined to comment on the schism." Why wouldn't they comment "off the record" on something that was real? Answer: It's an illusion.

Who are these people: "Counter terrorism officials say. . . " the same ones who are talking about the 52 FAA warnings that got ignored?

Further undermining the argument that the "split helped identify someone" is the fact that the person so-identified turned out to be a bit player. They are totally overselling this.

The Americans are rewriting history about AlQueda, suggesting that the organizatino is centrally controlled. Yet, recall many "experts" were saying that AlQueda was like a Hydra without a single leader.

Rather, the Americans are not describing AlQueda in terms of a centrally directed military machine. Notice this telling statement, "Every organization needs a command structure and communication, and we have effectively destroyed both of them."

Apparently someone's been smoking something. AlQueda, for it to function, relies on ~decentralized~ command and control.

Recall, it was in the wake of 9-11 with this "war on terror," that you can't simply chop off the head of the leadership and expect the opposition to American arrogance to go away.

The news is no different than Bush's statement on the carrier, "Mission Accomplished." This is another premature victory party.