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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bechtel [BNI] linked to DTRA

Here comes the payback!

QUOTE: Among its Department of Defense contracts, BNI manages the Kwajalein missile range and supports non- proliferation efforts in the former Soviet Union for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency ENDQUOTE Ref
If we send Nanos to DTRA, DTRA-favorite-BNI gets . . .

Nanos' doppleganger lives . . .

Has George been taking lessons from Darleen?

Look at the 2004 meeting. Did someone get a little cozy?

What's William's view of this?

Allegations of procurement fraud and bid rigging

There has been some delay in releasing the "package" for the LANL competitive bidding. It remains to be understood George's full role in crafting the language.

What did George do to adjust the "success criteria" for "contract award" that would tend to favor Bechtel; and/or ensure that the relative advantages of UC-BNI would be optimized relative to the criteria?