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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Uzbeks gun down protestors to show they are not like AlQueda

Remember a couple of days ago when I blogged about the non-sense from Uzbekestsan? There were claims that AlQueda was no longer aligned, that the Uzbek-AlQueda-loyalists were no longer aligned with other in AlQueda.

To "prove" Uzbekistan is not like AlQueda, they've gunned down protestors.

It's an illusion that AlQueda is fighting itself. Rather, the real story is how quickly an illusion is embraced.

Suppose the rift between Arab and Central Asian AlQueda were real. There would be no reason for the government to then engage in the very violence that would drum up support for both

Put another way, if there were credible reasons to believe there was some sort of "rift" between the Uzbek-AlQueda and the other groups, then there would be no reason for the Uzbeks to resort to this kind of violence.

It would self-evidently be obvious that the "Forces of safety and credibility" lie with the government.

Contrast the illusory rift, with the actual government actions. Those in charge are showing their true colors: Arrogant, reckless, and willing to do anything to destroy others.

The government has shown its true colors. In turn, we have even greater reason to believe the "splinter within AlQueda" was merely an illusion.