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Friday, May 13, 2005

LANL pseudo-anon-poster actually assigned to Berkeley Lab

Short version: Read the comments, analysis, questions in this blog and you be the judge.

Recommendation Review conduct in re Para4c; Archive.


I have some disturbing news. I hope that this comes at the appropriate time. It is during a time of crisis that sometimes people will masquerade and take advantage of problems.

It appears as though someone has been posting on the LANL website, but they are not form LANL.

I am concerned enough about this issue to both look into the matter; review previous blogs; and at the same time go out of my way to alert you at a time when thoughts might best be with Todd, Sara and the family.

My specific concern at this juncture is that in the wake of Todd's passing, someone could show up and take advantage of this situation. I hope that there are not plans by LANL-anonymous-bloggers assigned to non-LANL locations to use this information for their personal mischief.

Yet, after giving it great thought and consideration, I have decided that I must post this blog and provide a link to Doug's blog so that you can read this and be your own judge.

Indeed, this post is probably the most "off topic" link you may find. But I hope that you are able to read it when you most need it: Know that there is someone that I believe has been implying they are assigned to LANL, but appears to be assigned to a competing lab.

Normally, this isn't a problem. But I was reading their comments, and the way that they were phrasing things, it sure sounded to me as though they were trying to pass themselves off as an LANL employee.

Perhaps there is a plausible explanation for this; perhaps there is some obvious thing about funding, organization charts, or some other obvious detail known to UC personnel.

However, it seems curious. Once we find out that the poster is actually assigned to another lab, their previous comments get taken in a different light.

Does it matter if someone at the Berkeley Lab is posting on the LANL website?

You might want to re-read what they said, and ask yourself, "Did they provide misleading comments and statements; have they inappropriately made statements with the those that others rely on them; and have the mislead the blog-readers?

You be the judge.

One of the disturbing things to learn is when someone uses language that tends to suggest that they are assigned to LANL.

Yet, at this juncture, perhaps there is some mysterious funding-assignment paradox.

Yet, it is curious. I see nothing in the press talking about a Berkeley-LANL shutdown. Rather, the exclusive discussion is with LANL and the upcoming competition.

The blogger goes by the name of BlogBreth. If you are so inclined, read the comments, analysis, questions in this blog and you be the judge.

To be clear, my concern is that a plain reading of the comments makes one think that they are "assigned to LANL". But if they are actually assigned to Berkeley, then I take great exception to what they said, in re:

  • Their discusison and input on whether it was appropriate for people to be anonymous;

  • Their inputs and ideas on whether management decision criteria needs to be adjusted;

  • The basis for retirement decisions; or

  • Any comments related to the future direction of the lab, their interest, and what role they have to play.

    More broadly, my concern is that if this person has successfully created a character to pass themselves off as someone from the lab, but they are assigned to Berkeley, then I wonder: Is there the chance that they are doing so for other reasons?

    BlogBreth, perhaps you might illuminate the facts for LANL:

  • Are you actually assigned to LANL, but detailed out to Berkeley?

  • Are you posing as a "pseudo-anonymous" poster "from LANL", but are actually assigned to Berkeley?

    To LANL, I would encourage your to consult with your peers, ensure that nobody has started a private conversation with this person, and that the person they are talking to [who they say or imply is assigned to LANL] is actually so assigned to LANL and not a competing lab.

    Then again, maybe there is no problem. Perhaps Berkeley is actually part of LANL; and that California and New Mexico are one in the same.

    Quantum physics, quantum blogs, and quantum loyalties.

    BlogBreath: Does your loyalty lie with LANL or with Berkeley lab?

    I thank you, dear readers, for taking the time to read this information, and I hope that LANL can collectively do what must be done to advance your own Lab's interests without interference or inappropriate comments from the peanut gallery at Berkeley.

    Thank you for considering my comments and I hope that my comments are received in the spirit that they are intended: A warning to LANL at a time when you may be vulnerable.