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Saturday, May 21, 2005

White House Coverup: American political contributors siphoned oil funds; WH fully aware of torture in Afghanistan

Impacting hard.

The Pentagon and black operations are in crisis mode.

It's now known that DoD deliberately released the Saddam photos to distract attention from war crimes investigation and kickbacks to the Bush Political Campaign.

An Army investigation reveals that American troops hung innocent civilians by chains from the ceilings, beating and torturing prisoners for days while in Afghan prisons. The same troops then went to Abu Ghraib.

The Saddam photographs were also released to distract attention from other issues:

  • the Koran desecration which prompted calls for another 9-11; and

  • emerging evidence that the White House and Pentagon are refusing to respond to questions about funds siphoned from the Oil For Food program back into the Bush Administrations 2004 Presidential Election.

    Iraq: US occupiers embezzled funds from Iraqi freedom fighters

    There is Feb 2005 message traffic into OSD/State, both unresponsive to inquiries in re Enron and Koch Industries receiving Bayoil Iraqi oil shipments:

  • How much money was siphoned off these oil shipments to the President's cousin?

  • How much money did American political contributors provide to the White House and oil firms for kickbacks in exchange for a cut of the oil-for-food program?

  • How much money and armaments did McMillion get offered?

  • Who was involved in the White House decision to diver funding from Jordan back to the White House?

    Here is the evidence, findings, and audit report links.

    Halliburton audits. Bowen audits bring criminal indictments.

    2003: HR 3275 for clean contracting. Ha! -- Iraqi corruption is taking off in 2005.

    US officials under investiation for embezzlement

    Admissible Evidence for the Grand Jury:
    "E-mails, documents and interviews with officials who worked in Iraq at the time portray a mania to move money."
    Two thirds of the 700 contracts [about 460] issued in the last month without following standard procedures. Severnteen [17] contracts violated terms of agreements with the Iraqis; money inappropriately covered costs for military equipment; Soros: US "contributed to a climate of permissiveness."

    Response: Outrage and fuming anger boiling over

    QUOTE: The arrogant Americans stole money from the Iraqis.

    QUOTE: The Americans are focusing on the "UN oil for food scandal" as a way to divert attention from the American's own corruption in Iraq and political campaign skimming.

    QUOTE: Money stolen! Outrageous contracts issued.

    QUOTE: Americans leaving the bill for Iraqis to pay for, yet they cannot ship the needed oil to pay for the American bills. That is slavery!

    QUOTE: Unreasonable amounts of money siphoned off into the private accounts of American "leaders" who deserve to be treated no better than dogs.