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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Military embraces "No Child Left Behind" Act

America's military has full access to your youth. What you can do to help your children learn to stand up to abuse from military recruiters. No child is left behind.

The legislation means America's youth are subjected to recruiter calls.

Under the Act your children's phone numbers are released to recruiters. They are liars, commit fraud, and encourage youth to engage in criminal activity.

Some people talk about the "fine" training one gets in the military. Small problem. Look at what the military teaches:

  • Lying, deception, betray, and abuse
  • Committing torture and unlawful acts
  • Blindly obeying stupid leaders

    I'm not clear that these are requisite skills needed in business. They may be what people regularly do, but I remain unimpressed.

    America is a sick country, in need of some remedies. Your youth are in no need to learn the ways of AlQueda.

    Do the youth of America a favor: Encourage them to use their minds and "Just say no" to recruiters.

    Teach them to stand up to recruiters like you would teach someone to say "No" to abuse, drugs, and threats.

    The recruiters are no better than playground bullies. But these bullies have been to Guantanamo and they will exploit your daughters if you turn your back.

    It is time that America's youth be taught to use their mind and not get lulled into the false claims by the recruiters. Teach your youth about false advertising and the tricks the media uses to convince them to purchase something on TV.

    Recruiters are just like Wall Street analysts and salesmen: Their goal is to convince the youth to buy something. The recruiters have no integrity. They are no better than the dogs who lie to you about insured pension plans [they are not] and about retirement and social security [there are no guarantees or solutions].

    The youth of America can learn about the military without having to enter it. Good values like "discipline" is not something someone will teach you -- it is something you have to embrace and freely choose on your own.

    Those youth who are not disciplined before they enter the military, will simply rebel against the military once they get out. What will they have? Just more resentment.

    Encourage the youth to put their skills to a productive use. One that will make a difference in their own lives.

    There is no reason to trust a recruiter. Teach your youth to approach a recruiter like you would any criminal or drug deal: With caution, with swift movement, and little trust.

    Recruiters will encourage your youth to take drugs to pass drug tests; they will encourage your youth to lie about their backgrounds to answer questions.

    Indeed, that is all the training America's youth needs: For those skills [lying and deception] will serve them well if they choose to enter Wall Street, corporate America, law enforcement, or enter politics to be the President.

    America has a "No Child Left Behind." Indeed, no child is left alone. If you do not stand up for yourself and say, "No" you might find yourself thinking about your loved one as their coffin is lowered into the cemetery.

    There are other ways to fight for the Constitution. Lying on the battlefield, and engaging in war crimes does little to inspire confidence in America or its military.

    Today, let your youth know that their lives are put to better use if they use their mind and ignore the military as one would shun the village idiot.

    Your military is not to be trusted. They cooperate with DoJ to violate the Posse Comitatus Act. They work with JTTF to invade your homes. They search without warrants. They practice in Iraq and Afghanistan to practice abuse on Americans at home.

    America's military is no longer a place you need to encourage anyone to join. The military remains a corrupt agency, threatens the constitution, and does little to nurture admirable traits in America's youth.

    America's military is no more admirable than AlQueda. Both remain threats to your way of life.

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