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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Churchill invoked to justify untenable US policies

America lied to start an illegal war. It now misquotes Churchill to continue dishonorable policies lacking good sense.

Churchill is often quoted saying, "Never give in . . ." as a reason why America must stay the course in Iraq and "see it to the end."

There's one small problem. The quote is not complete. What Churchill actually said was, "never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense," which is more reasonable.

For in Iraq, it is good sense and honorable to recognize:

  • America did not plan

  • The Americans misconduct has fueled more insurgents

  • Americans do not have enough military personnel

  • Americans are committing war crimes

  • American military personnel are not well trained

  • There are not enough well trained leaders

  • America has a military recruitment problem.

    Churchill was right in saying that there are times when things should be let go. It is good sense and honorable to say,
    "We lied about WMD and launched this illegal war and made things worse. We're leaving now. Sorry for the mess we made of your country. Please don't attack us too badly in another 9-11."