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Monday, May 23, 2005

NC AOC's office: Why are government officials reviewing nonofficial internet information?

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North Carolina's Court offices certainly have some efficiencies. Remember those problems with the unsigned orders? They installed a new system to automate the whole process.

Isn't that wonderful. In fact, they've saved so much time that personnel in the AOC's office now have enough time to surf the internet during office hours.

What are they looking at?

The North Carolina AOC's office shows interest in allegations against Rep. Charles H. Taylor [R-NC].

Perhaps someone in the AOC's office might explain the interest in the Investigate Taylor website:

Russian Banking Investments: Bank of Ivanovo

There must be some reason for the unusual interest in Taylor, R-NC Appropriations. Gosh, what could it be? Let me think. you think it has something to do with holding the government accountable for alleged inappropriate conduct?

But the site is down. Does this mean there were bogus allegations on the site or the case was dismissed; or did someone in the House Ethics committee say "Just make it go away"?

Oh, it's just awful this letter to the editor that mentions Texas Rep Delay in the same sentence. Is he somehow mixed in with all this concern by the NC AOC office? Oh, the infamy of it all.

To think that I thought the AOC's office would be doing something productive with their time, other than surfing the internet!

NC State Auditor: You're my only hope?

Kind of curious, surfing the internet after hours as well. What are they looking for and why aren't they using the official computers for only official business?

Oh, wondering who they are? They're the same ones who have access to the CJIN -- Criminal Justice information network.

Surely, someone hasn't broken into the AOC's office after hours and started using the internet for unofficial business; don't tell me that people who have access to CJIN are somehow unreliable or not correctly using their computers; don't tell me that those entrusted to monitor the warrants can't be trusted to appropriately access and use official computers!


If there's a missing file or a large gap of missing data, you know someone's been tinkering with the log.

Naughty, naughty! All those postings during official hours.

  • How do we explain the manning hours allocated?

  • Having trouble with that training budget?

    Hay! I've got an idea. How about the State Auditor do a performance review of the AOC's office and find out whether their personnel really have enough to do.

    Strange, wasn't one of those audit findings some where [Oh, I can't remember] something to do with needed funding for information technology upgrades.

    Surely, are we saying that despite the funding used to send certain people to certain schools that they have enough time to surf the internet?

    In one corner: We have the requirements and audit report; in the other corner we have personnel spending time surfing the internet not looking at caselaw or their official training material.

    Isn't that curious!

    But what is more amazing, is that despite the use of the internet for recreational surfing, the state auditor finds no problem with in appropriate access.

    Wow! Got some private surfing to do, but don't want the auditor to say anything about, go work for the NC AOC's office. They'll be sure to let you surf whenever you want. No problem!



  • How much money did NC AOC personnel place with Alabama's "Birmingham Grayhound" racing site?

    Isn't gambling using official government computers not a nice thing to do? Might want to ask someone to check their financial statements going back to Summer of 2003; they had a nice visit in November 2003.