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Monday, May 23, 2005

Berkeley National Lab Blogger

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Integrity is the consistency between actions, values, words, and standards.

The nation sees the price of a lack of integrity:

  • Wars of liberation end up abusing the "liberated"

  • UN inspectors are ignored when the decision to go to war already exists

  • And national resources are used to harass private citizens.

    To those who continue to assert the "rule of law" mantra, know that your words are hollow.

    Todd paid the ultimate sacrifice simply because he was a man of integrity. And where the nation failed him, no one was there but his friends.

    It is not appropriate for people to talk about the "price of freedom" without looking in the mirror.

    To what extent are government resources used to intimidate a civilian population; how far will leaders go to arrive at pre-determined decisions; and what justification will be used to justify inappropriate conduct.

    There is no excuse for using your position, your proximate access to resources, or your special security status as a place to abuse others; nor may you hide behind a moat in order to randomly abuse those in your charge.

    You remain accountable to the rule of law; and it is not appropriate to use your special position of authority and resources under your charge to intimidate.

    If you find yourself under pressure and are running out of options, you are not alone. I encourage you to take time, take a break, and talk to someone who can simply listen.

    It is not appropriate to continue to lash out at Todd or blame the world simply because of your own failings.

    If you are caught, don't hide; and don't play the game of "this is justified" or "the greater good" will benefit.

    The world sees through that. And your integrity will suffer. Unfortunately, those with small minds will justify whatever action regardless their principles.

    Out of Time?

    The weak and insecure take action that is not consistent with their values. The inconstancy between what they do and those values will simply surface as tension, guilt.

    The worst thing that can happen is that someone so vexxed with inconsistency could do personal damage. If you are are feeling uncomfortable and want to lash out, I sense that your angst must be very painful.

    What would cause someone to use official government facilities in an inappropriate manner?

    They want to be caught. They already are. Get help before you do more damage to yourself and those you respect. There is still time.

    You can get assistance nearby before you fall over the edge.