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Friday, April 22, 2005

US Postal Service Veracity Problem -- How much business mail can they not account for?

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  • USPS Delivery and performance statistics and data;
  • Questions about Delivery or Pickup Times, call [ 800-ASK-USPS ]
  • GAO reports and data


    Some businesses are second guessing the mail man.

    And for good reason.

    The mail man is now a spy for the FBI.

    The first sign that things were not going well was when the businesses started to independently check on deliveries.

    Then the companies said that they no longer trusted the companies that worked closely with the Post Office in the statistics.

    Now, in a sure sign that things are not going well, business are no longer relying soley on the US postal service to report on deliveries.

    That's right. Even though a business pays the postal service to deliver mail, the businesses have fired the consultants and are using other methods to track the deliveries.

    Rather than trust the self-reported results, US businesses are not having to ask customers directly, "Did you get our advertisement in the mail?"

    Sounds like the US Postal Service has more than a delivery problem. It is losing the confidence of businesses.

  • How much money and time do businesses spend independently checking whether mail gets delivered?

  • Why are businesses unwilling to trust the post office in the delivery reports?

  • How much mail has the postal service reported they delivered, but was not actually delivered?

  • Why are companies paying consultants to offer "direct mailing advice," but not relying on that information?

  • What's the reason that a company would not trust the Postal Service or their marketing consultants in re direct mail advertising?

    Sure seems curious that in a time when there's automatic tracking and tracing of everything, the US post office and the direct mail-consultants cannot reliably demonstrate to businesses they can actually do the job.

    Where's the mail, why didn't it get delivered as they promised the business, and where did they really hide it this time?