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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Latham and Watkins allegedly linked to missing Roberts documents

Washington Post has stated that one of the attorneys who was reviewing the now missing Judge Roberts documents at the Reagan library, works for Harriett Miers.

One attorney matching this description is publicly available on the White House website. The following name comes up: Dabney Langho Friedrich, a former employee of Latham and Watkins.

Friedrich, if not directly involved, would know which White House personnel and documents are of interest.

Latham & Watkins provided campaign funding and has many of its former attorneys in key DHS, EPA, SEC, and other White House positions; and has also been linked to the Harvard Westlake lawsuit through campaign funding and recommendations.

Other names that have surfaced and alleged to be linked with, or may know more about the missing documents are allegedly Maureen Mahoney and Thomas Patten, both former L & W employees and part of the Bush Administration Justice transition team.

Other names: Associate Counsel to the President

More senior attorneys

Brown, Reginald
Duggan, Charles S
Everson, Nanette R
Fahrenkopf, Leslie A
Powell, Benjamin A
Yanes, Raul F

More junior attorneys

Brosnahan, Jennifer R
Dixton, Grant M
Rounds, III Emory A [Deputy councel]
Stiles, Ryan P

Call them and ask, "Where are the missing documents, bonehead?"

Other stories about the missing files; and another list of possible "people in the know".

[ Stephen Crowley/The New York Times ] From left, Judge Roberts; his wife, Jane; Mike O'Neill, the Judiciary Committee counsel; Rachel Brand, assistant attorney general; Ed Gillespie, a White House adviser; Dabney Friedrich, associate White House counsel; and William Kelley, deputy White House counsel.