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Friday, August 12, 2005

Chicken little issues terror alert, squashed by pedestrians

Whatever: First they claim there's a chance of terrorism.

The reasponse? Lower the terror alert level.

What happened?

Last week, before Hiroshima we heard, "they're going to do a false flag attack."

Nothing happened.

Here's one thing you can bet on: If they really knew anything, they'd say nothing and go after those they knew were up to something.

They made an annoucement. Why? Because they have nothing to do.

Here's a hint: JTTF and DHS needs to get some better leadership.

It's been 4 years after 9-11, and you're still acting like you're idiots. What happened to the "big mobilization"?

It never happened. Why? There's no real threat. It's all made up.

Government stupidity need not be attacked when it self-evidently fails to prevail.

This system freely implodes from within. It lacks leadership. And those left with the responsibility are more afraid of their own shadow than they are of those who hold the real power.

This is called a legitimacy problem. And people are abandoning this system. The government cannot attract the talent to do simple things.

But it does a very good job at making a mess of things.

Should we be surprised why the enemy is bolder and more confident?

This government has a credibility problem. It relies on non-sense.

It is not to be trusted.

Nor is it to be respected.

Confusion and chaos is not their strategy.

It is the best it can do.

We can do better.

Simply by showing up and using our minds.

The simple is beyond their capabilities.

They flouder.

And they shall lose.

Hoc voluerunt!